quarta-feira, novembro 26, 2014

836 M 26 11 2014 to Curia and to all, the Toten, the butterflys, Mario Soares wing

831 M 20 11 2014 a kiss to hillary , mariana monteiro and others crimeds

because du the constant crimes, these terrorists had aim to robber this video from the pages of my blogs. there is 22:32 pm at lisbon, i upload again the videos after the usual crimes at PT headquarters, and at  lest one of them still cut, as possible to understanding when seeing it.
a link of an apparent similar crime commited against me las years thatstill without any awnser, against another portuguese if true the news in Publico

835 M 25 11 2014 to Curia and to All , the constant persecutory crimes against fundamental human rigths

once again, today, the constant crime of impeachment

I´m at the Pt headquarters and i had try again a few times to upload the videos that are missing on the page and upload two news ones, one concerning a key that is referred on the last video published to curia, the mario soares garden entre campos, house in the forest image, that i suppose this terrorists have already stole meanwhile this criminal pass here, because this drive started to open by the uploader, one time, it start upload, and then the application stop, and this normally says that they still meanwhile

I demand the expedite action of the european criminal court to put a end to this crimes against the fundamental human rights, the right of free speech, the right of complaint and defense

I have try also to upload two new videos and the terrorists succeed this impeachment and the robber of this facts and demonstrations

after many attempts to upload again the 830 and 832, they still not work in the page. put them online!