quarta-feira, dezembro 10, 2014

842 M 07 12 2014 to curia and to all, a kiss to Margerite Yourcenar and others, and a detail of one of NY towers figure

today comments and crimes report


Again the unknown criminals that enter my house, have made some changes of the programs of video in my old PC, the one that still working after all these recent attacks, and the video above, ref: " 842 M 07 12 2014  to Margerite Yourcenar, Medusa, octopus, giraffe figures at 911, volcano at Cabo Verde , Socrates bandit and a older lecture of the underground, London crimes", have some problems on audio, was the best recover solution at least that allow peoples to understand it, this video have an important detail concerning the fall of the towers at NY in the end, the object that in a certain reflect one of the figures visible on the dust on the fall, the Medusa, octopus and more recent giraffe as I have been call it.

The 841 will be published after


I just receive today the reception invoice to my last complaint sent to the public attorney
references on my publications

During all this time i did not receive any call back from the PT Comunicações, and this says all about they guilty. This are not only crimes of impeachment and robber, by the contents this point connections with terrorists acts, directly or indirectly and by this reason I demand an intervention of the court.

account in this video with the register of my phone call to them, from more or less 48 minutes on the video a this address

One of the publications that as disappeared during this informatic attacks last weeks, is a link to an Publico newspaper article about what seems to be at first glance a similar crime as they had committed against me last year, the compulsory interment in the psychiatric hospital that after all this time, still without answer from any of the national and European criminal and law authorities. I demand the full respect of my rights and a answer concerning this crime. Stop pretending that this crimes of persecution and torture did not exist!!!

where again the link of a similar, or not, case


to you my love, a Philip Glass kiss at kiss blog, Aknaten, Nefertiti and hymn