quarta-feira, dezembro 17, 2014

848 M 17 12 2014 complementary aspects and details on kiss sequence, part ll

at the end a pearl to NY, the giraffe and the monkey as satyr and what seems be a logical relation concerning they position on the japoneses panels

847 M 16 12 2014 complementary aspects and details on some parts of my last kiss sequence that are integrate part of my criminal accusation present to Curia

1. as the court can understand and will be explained in detail in next videos, this video 847 M 16 12 2014 is published after the 845 M 12 12 2014, because yesterday the terrorists had erase from my pc by remote control, the 846 M.

just now at the beginning of the afternoon, i enter a coffee and I see the news, CM TV, about a fact present on this perverted metaphor that is going on under the umbrella of Socrates arrest, that the Orders lawyer. had succeed to impeach that the process came to public domain, and i ´m asking if i must understand this metaphor as real image of this new and constant crime of impeachment, robber and adulteration