sexta-feira, fevereiro 27, 2015

email sent to the cabinet of the judge president of the Portuguese supreme court at 17:40 27 02 2015

exma senhora Ana Ferreira

No seguimento da nossa conversa telefónica do dia 20 02 2015, e atendendo a informação que me prestou, sobre o despacho do presidente em relação à minha carta enviada em forma registada a 16 01 2015, e da sua sugestão para que lhe enviasse um email pedindo uma resposta diferente da obtida por telefone, junto envio os eus comentários em forma e depoiementos públicos registados em video, que pedia o favor de levar ao conhecimento do presidente juiz Henrique Gonçalves, para apreciação.  

e a leitura comentada da carta enviada a 16 01 2015

e na esperança de que a resposta chegue e não se arraste em forma processualmente criminosa como aconteceu em 2007 /2008 como é do seu conhecimento

com os meus cumprimentos

paulo forte

recovering the criminal accusation against the president judge of the pt supreme court, Noronha do nascimento and others

from a document online that was published at the time of this write, hoping that is not adulterated meanwhile

919 M 26 02 2015 after the phone call to the supreme court cabinet, the reading of the sent letter 16 01 2015

After the phone call to Ana Ferreira, assistant of the cabinet of the judge president of the supreme court, Henrique Gonçalves on day 22 02 2015, that is recorded , published and comment here in the videos 915 M 22 02 2015 and 916 M 24 02 2015, some more comments and the reading of the sent letter at 16 02 2015.

as seems normal during all these years this constant procedural crimes and absence of answers show behind any reasonable doubt they guilty and the existence of criminal interests behind that they are trying to protect all these years

I did not had during this week that today's finish any development from any of the three cabinet that I had contact last week

918 M 26 02 2015 mais uma chamada para o advogado jacinto simões, crimes de perseguição pelas finanças, ou só um novo crime deste labirinto?

917 M 26 02 2015 to curia and all, frederica mogherini, ec comission, italian crimes 2011 ec parliament and others lines, or crimes


this video have a new introduction where i remember some of the details of the readings in Lapa, embassy zone at Lisbon, concerning some of the Greek lines, namely the sub line about lions, Rhodes, that is also comment in previous recent videos, by other details like the ones act by the public pt attorney at time,  Pinto Monteiro, a man this is criminal charged for me at curia, then I had glue a part from an anterior video where these matters and others like world recent images are comment.
Adressed to lady Frederica Mogherini from the european commission that has been at lisbon last week

le tige de jade, extract, the figure of the satyr, japoneze panels, tsunami 2011 japan and NY 911 and a kiss

 le Tige de Jade

as all know this satyr image or figure from the Greek mitology is a sub line of the " monkey " figure in the japoneze panels that after had became the satyr image, as already explained connect japan tsunami 2011 and NY 911.

this extract with a kiss to Batarda , a Portuguese actress that appear by the news papers , DN, within the trial of Elif Shafak, is also a more complex sub line, that seems link, turquie, ucrania, minsk an white house recent lines.

Batarda is in a way a image of Cate Blanchet and before in the time line of my book of life, Adelaide, a SIC tv presenter that after married an american boy


a kiss to batarda, or adelaide, or cate blanchet or paula T silva, or irina or yulia yulechenko and by some details to curia

this is a second version of the original video hereby published with more five minutes at the end that the terrorists had succeed to cut

i suppose again a false letter from Curia

that seems can have a echo on the pt newspapers today, about BPI, a bank, that is also a reference on this envelope, and getting about, 2,8 millions of something that i do not presume be money, this is the normal twisted and perverted reality of mirroring in medias these crimes, or even perhaps concerning the robber of video takes referred under

the letter have also a digitized signature, which means is not sign by hand, and a new detail appear for the first time, a word, pel, that is not the Portuguese one, pelo, on behalf of,... Mr. E. Coulon in this case,

new nazi crime as usual all these years that the robber of my son is going on

the video 914 M 22 02 2015, as been cut by the criminals at 35:46, more or less at it is visible, i´m walking on the liberty avenue, speaking with the Olivier stacks , about hat and mistakes, then appear a firts hat on the street and I do a reading at that moment, that they had erased not only on the master video but also in the originals, then this key must have some sense

segunda-feira, fevereiro 23, 2015

915 M 22 02 2015 to curia , to European commission and to all

the man that had mistake his woman with an hat, or the hipo talumus damages, an inquiry to the Italian lady from EC that had been at Lisbon, Italy, Greece, France, Minsk, white house, some more comments, some robbers and some kiss

914 M 22 02 2015 two more phone calls to JS lawyer concerning crimes of persecution trough finances

913 M 23 02 2015 to curia and to European institutions, i ask expedite action to put a end to these Nazis crimes, i wont my son back

sexta-feira, fevereiro 20, 2015

912 M 20 02 2015 some phone calls to criminals, supreme court

911 M 20 02 2015 some phone calls to criminals, presidency of republic

910 M 20 02 2015 some phone calls to criminals, parliament, lurdes gonçalves

The first version of this video was change during the encoding at pt headquarters or during the upload, as the others upper with the two others phone calls do in the same day, 20 02 1015, for this reason I will replace them now. this crime will comment on upper video where the phone calls are also approached, by this way they reach to take off the video with the parliament at the day of recording and first publication

i hope everything will be alright with you

a strange feeling of family, a casual rendez vous, if such exist, near the sea with a piano.... some large years ago after the birth of my son, and this very strange line around brain and, brain damages, and brains developments if is the proper word or even concept, the missing 90 % of use that they say long decades ago

O Homem que Confundiu a sua Mulher com um Chapéu


não tanto pelo manbo jambo, dos programas que funcionam, sem mesmo saber a qual se referem no ambito da crise com a grecia, mais pela molecula artificial, com braçinhos ventosas em toda a sua superfice redondinha boa para tudo agarrar e comer

909 M 17 02 2015, the robber of my son Francisco, blood lines, part 3

an underground image that mix many others deaths

that i shoot after seeing one of the recent comment images, in a very complex sequence, with the minister of justice, ze pedro from xutos e pontapes,, the blood contamination sub lines and the an image that also mix the psychiatric crimes with the health minister, paulo macedo, the two monitors image as i had comment, this image here published, is the reverse image of the one with paulo macedo, and also bring another link,. with one of the image of the death of the arabian king, by the lamps, that correspond on this image to the support pieces of the monitors

what seems the constant lecher crimes, and ABC reactions

after my comments on elif shafak , video 905 M 12 02 2015 concerning recent world images, and the mirror between her and Batarda, the next day, she is in this cover, i, m asking what she is seeing, perhaps what seems a phallic representation by a priest, that remember me a recent image of a small movie of the house of birds, pearhaps by this constant lecher crimes, and even some already murder by yours ABC reactions,... and other sub line around

segunda-feira, fevereiro 16, 2015

908 M 16 02 2015, the robber of my son Francisco, part 2, the robber of my son, the blood lines, facts around the crime, vampires, another name for thief's, incrimination's facts and NY towers fall

907 M 16 02 2015, the robber of my son Francisco, part 1, the robber of my son, the blood lines, facts around the crime, vampires, another name for thief's, incrimination's facts and NY towers fall

906 M 16 02 2015, part 15, public criminal inquiry to curia

1. again I ask expedite action-

2 A comment on a news last week here in Portugal concerning the conviction of the Portuguese courts around a rule on a child custody case, a child that according the news was authorize to go live in another country , in this case, as they say in Chipre, that seems also can have some resonances with some of the recent Greek lines. if true this news, this reinforce all the suspicions that i m present from 2011 around my case and the case of my son, and the criminal behavior that i m finding also at the European criminal court

3. An attempt of murder and a robber last Saturday, what seems be an attempt of murder and a way to obtain my address by the guimaraes shop with the reclamation that i deliver there today. as i stated in this video, this seems fit on a kind of criminal answer within my two last comments to the justice minister, Paula Teixeira da Silva and also within some of international acts of terror comment on last videos

terça-feira, fevereiro 10, 2015

901 M 10 02 2015 to curia and to all, today's phone conversation with the court and reading last sent two letters

again it seems at least a tricky answer from apparently Curia, the European criminal court, as all can understand by the content of the two phone calls in this video, as it had happen in previous one as recorded ,accounted and show in previous videos, and i still with the reception invoice of this last sending day 16 01 2015

collecting figures and manbo jambos

 now is mario soares that is bipolar according this news
jose pedro from xutos e pontapes, the the story of the silver finger, and braço de prata references and the death of marta and the pirate universal dvd edition , and cocktails molotov among other sings
strange arms and hand position especially if in sum with another about hepatitis C and the health minister , or perhaps a kink of criminal answer in the silence to my accusations

this one under

Quinta-feira, 5 de fevereiro de 2015

this one is very interesting, the teeth of the fire wire card, the spiral, as min sk, unbalanced question apparently about Ukrainian crisis an for me even seems Beslan case, and a detail that also link the charlie tragedy in paris, this will be explained after if.... 

two figure for Socrates manbo jambo and other seem impossible name of a company lava jacto,jet wash that seems reflect other matters

sexta-feira, fevereiro 06, 2015

sum of the recent criminal acts of all the portuguese authorities concerning the robber, act of torture, and abuse, over my son and me

1. roubo do meu filho em 2005, e nenhuma resposta de nenhuma autoridade neste pais na mão dos nazis e igualmente o mesmo se tem passado a nível europeu.

2. neste crime de novo enviei cartas registadas dia 16 de Janeiro de 2015 ao criminoso nazi presidente de portugal cavaco silva e aos nazis, ministra da justiça, ao primeiro ministro, à presidente da assembleia da republica, e ao juiz presidente do supremo tribunal, e ainda a nível europeu ao juiz presidente do tribunal criminal europeu, senhor Jaeger

3. a prova do envio aqui

4. the prove of the register of the sent letters

5. and what seems the recurrent crime of impeachment and deviation of all my correspondence as way to mantain the robber of my son and all the others crimes like slavery

6. the the apparenttly or forgery reception invoices of the sent letters, less the one sent to curia, that until this day did not even arrived

7. the two reading letters of the six sent day 16 01 2015

to the justice minister, and the usual killings around this crime

to the president Cavaco Silva

8. As seems normal during all this years that this crime is going on, again the same criminal acts in total impunity until this day, no one awnser!|!!!! and this say all about they guilty, and this is among other crimes, the robber of a child, a son that i do not see from the time that they had robber him, contrary to all the rigths and laws!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9. As usual I demand the immediate anwser at europeu political and judicial level

900 M 06 02 2015 to curia and to all, germany, greece, debts illusions, helio planes fall, fires on summer greece, lawyers , kiss and other crimes

899 M 05 02 2015 to curia and to all