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987 M 23 06 2015

986 M 22 06 2015 crimes and popular parties in Lisbon, some strange meetings and a kiss to a beautiful lady

985 M 20 06 2015 terrorists crimes of impeachment, adulteration and robber of information

981 M 15 08 2015 the sadistic crimes

980 M 15 06 2015 proof of sending emails to MJ and SC, and the greek mambo jambo

some comments on the videos post yesterday and todays

1. The videos yesterday under published whore as all notice out of order due the lack of time on the upload. Yesterday when I arrived to PT headquarters, the shop of internet service, was closed, according to what the security man say to me, they had take the computers away. this is the " normal" criminal reality in daily basis in this country in the hands of Nazis, a lit bit like the political responsibility, they dismiss or go away but there not any kind of answers fr the crimes they commit. As all know, this service was provide by PT telecommunications, and there is a lot of prove complaints during this lasts years that do not have any answers until now

2. today's i´m trying to upload the others missing videos in this sequence, in other place, where there is a service that goes down automatically at 7 clock pm, i will see what i can do.

3. Also by this reason, I do not have the time to check the videos, but I already suspect that they had re-edit them, namely the one that I call the sadistic crimes, "981 M 15 08 2015 the sadistic crimes"  that was a kind of " resume" of the last crimes of this kind in my house and in my daily  life that are going on covered by all the authorities from the beginning of the robber of my son. 

These crimes of impeachment, robber and adulteration of information are growing all the days, and this is a indeed a Nazi reality

4. As yesterday I catch on a TV entering a coffee, the Nazi communist leader, was saying some on the kind, that "the government was doing a larger mystification campaign", I wonder why? 

The problem is that as all, they never say exactly what are the crimes that they are also aware and covering the, by other word, they are all the same, they all behaviour in the same criminal way

and what so important they are trying to cover?

1. Namely, I must presume, two stated and explained correlations with a details of the draws of the video , " the mother changing the napkins of my son in the first day after his birth ", and the images, of presidenta Dilma in Publico, and in Vogue with Gisela, and, Stock, a Portuguese name, Maria Jose Stock,  in this particular case, a chair with the same line form as explained already twice in different videos

2. some correlations already explained that whore cut on the video, concerning the relations between the adulteration's on the album 91 92 details, the eye sub line, and the criminals that are involved in the robber of my son, witch means, this eye sub line,( Kline) is also expressed on the collage bag of the draws made by Francisco at college Moderno, in 2006 as show in previous videos on this particular subject

3The terrorist succeed once more to kaput my computer , and this criminal fact, always say the same, first because is a recurrent criminal pattern, when they are so afraid, and they start do everything to impeach, normally they kaput all my installation on the portable computer, and of course many documents, on facts on crimes are also lost, namely, the video editions files, that for instance serve to prove that they had adulterated the content 

4. one video is robbed during these last tries to upload them, i´m trying to upload the 987 M 23 06 2015 again

5. Some strange echos on news just now detected online terrorists DN, a Palma de Cannes,one of the symbolic elements on the analyse of the al bum 91 92 photos, the sequence that is present namely on the above video about this subject, "the Cannes palm", and the Cannes lion, the price that Washington Oliveto, a pub from Brasil had received at that time at Cannes,    seems had result again in one more death according the bandits newspaper DN, http://www.dn.pt/inicio/globo/interior.aspx?content_id=4642927 . Whoever as can be understood by others news, namely, from Holland about the spying acts made as they say by America,  and even on the so call Greek public debts discussion, others matters are behind this new killing, as I suppose this image says it all

Governo grego rejeita contraproposta dos credores

or perhaps this one at the link 


Reunião do Eurogrupo atrasada com Tsipras ainda reunido com credores

6 and a kiss to this great lady of the french cinema 

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indeed my lady, a bird, I suppose, has announce you in my conscience yesterday, i was puzzling, but now I see your photo on DN, can you figure these constant inductions, if it was pure love......

and one more signature?

via do Infante, Algarve

serpente IV, a taça, referência do verso do artigo do Sete do figueiredo, no album 91 92, a taça IV, a quinta e a VI, sendo uma delas a orgia ao tempo, segundo a noticia

u, vaso, porte, ou up orte, ou um o rte, do Media acto, id da primeira ida

Media, L´Oreal reference on the Al bum 91 92 

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In the three today's videos published under, there are some comments namely, FMI, Madame Lagarde, the Giraffe japan panel and 911 figure, some more details on Obama G 20 image and correlative facts, Greece, Italy, Durão Barroso, José Socrates, Al bum 91, 92, Curia, adulteration's on images, links with the crime of robber of my son, torture and Nazis crimes

email sent now to the cabinet of the judge president of the supreme court

Exmª Senhora Ana Ferreira chefe de gabinete do presidente juiz do supremo tribunal

Na ausência de respostas as minhas últimas comunicações, junto envio hiperligações  de 5 depoiementos em video que peço o favor de fazer chegar ao juiz presidente, insistindo na V. resposta e na reposição integral dos meus direitos e dos direitos de meu filho e das garantias da lei.

com os meus cumprimentos 

Paulo forte

http://ourosobreazul.blogspot.pt/2015/06/979-m-15-05-2015-some-more-details-and.html http://ourosobreazul.blogspot.pt/2015/06/978-m-15-06-2015-to-all-about-some.html http://ourosobreazul.blogspot.pt/2015/06/977-m-13-06-2015.html  

email sent now to the justice minister cabinet

Ausação à ministra da justiça

Para: Gab Apoio Ministro - MJ
Exmª Senhora chefe de gabinete da ministra da justiça

Na ausência de respostas as minhas últimas comunicações, junto envio 5 hiperligações de depoiementos em video que peço o favor de fazer chegar à ministra da justiça, insistindo na V. resposta e na reposição integral dos meus direitos e dos direitos de meu filho.

com os meus cumprimentos 

Paulo forte


I want my rights and the rights of my son fully respect

concerning the usual criminal silence around the crime of robber of my son, a kind of summary on the lasts steps with the Portuguese state entities 

all my statements, texts, messages, emails, registered letters sent on 16 January this year to the supreme court, parliament, justice minister, prime minister, or even to the  European criminal court among others, still without any answer,  







the third paragraph is the bottom question concerning this Nazi crime, of robbers, abuse and torture and slavery

the criminal reality during from 2005 is a total prohibition of seeing my son , as been happen, and this a Nazi crime

also the same question that gives height to the suspicion and torture act, that is in the third paragraph, why also they did not allow me to do a ADN test?

what his Nazis are trying to cover all these years?

that he is dead?
that he is not my son on blood?
and use this torture of heart to maintain the slavery that aims the robber of billion's

Que gente sois, que se mantem num absoluto e criminoso silêncio ao longo de todos estes anos que dura este crime contra uma criança menor e contra um pai, e só esta frase diz tudo sobre a vossa qualidade humana que sempre é determinante nos que os homens fazem ou não fazem, como são e como actuam.

Que gente sois, que roubais e cobris um crime desta natureza contra uma criança, com a total negação dos direitos naturais e legais da paternidade, mantendo todos estes anos em termos práticos uma total proibição de convívio entre o pai e o filho e o filho e o pai e tendo aos dois roubado até a data, toda a infância e puberdade, todos os deleites, deveres, obrigações e prazeres de um pai e de um filho.

Que gente sois, que manteis uma criança e um pai, sem um de outro saber, nomeadamente se está vivo ou morto, e a um pai, se a criança que ele acompanhou desde a gravides até aos cinco anos de vida em forma diária, é na verdade seu filho de sangue, ou ainda, se ele terá sido trocado a nascença, traficado ou mesmo morto, como muitos factos que emergiram na minha análise deste crime, assim o tem apontado ao longo dos anos em que ele dura.

I want my rights and the rights of my son fully respect, I demand the answers that are due to us according the law and the human rights, I demand the expedite action from the European criminal court, I demand a end to these constant crimes that are going on from 2005

979 M 15 05 2015 some more details and others lines on previous comments

978 M 15 06 2015 to all, about some details on NY and others criminal subjects

977 M 13 06 2015

this video is mainly the st Anthony popular party at Lisbon, but have some political and not only , comments on the last week images act by Greeks and also a development image coming from Umberto Eco and again what seems a manipulation on the Portuguese public television

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the germany alpes i presume, a ranch, flying boys and a kind of cruxification, melhor só ramo de oliveira do tsipras a angela

9 de junho

a new album, on the manipulation of the album 91/92

the Nazis gives medals to thief's and child's robbers

Quinta feira, 11 de junho de 2015

This man, Teixeira dos Santos was the finances minister of Socrates, socialist government that is in jail as perhaps all know. He is charge by me by crimes of persecution through the state, abuse of power, within the crime of robber abuse and torture of my son and myself, and as I had prove on the past he did not answers to the correspondence that I sent to his cabinet at time. This is the finances minister that we all had listen many time that the public debt was under control, until one day, that we started as many in others countries the existence of a huge public debt, 5 billions, raise from a day to another, and now he had received a medal on the Portugal day. This say all about this Nazis crimes, this man must be in jail by his crimes

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975 M 04 06 2015 to all and to curia

i have tried to up load this video in other place, and by the normal always strange behaviour  of internet, i suppose that the terrorist had succeed to robbery this video,  to perhaps re edit some content and then change it here on this page. During the transfer of the files from my camera to my pc, they also succeed to caput two takes as accounted and prove on the video it self

this photo of duraão is also comment on the upper video

this one also, as another example of illegal access to my draws, spying robber and mirroring as also explained in the upper video


this photo is also comment in the upper video

estranha imagem do proença, parece sentado no meu outro sofá, será que virou moda?

a close up on a detail of the M C c a n n e r i c k son spot to l ´o real, with the image of the royal mistress

as you can see in this zoom, the pack shoot of the product, seems say, Media, a reference to Plan Media at european level, when we all started discuss it, end of 80, and of course seems also had some ressonances on the claquette information, where seems the name sum, a messias, or the first one female from a certain messias, (as the fax have as title, aleluia, twice repeated and a name that same years ago appears also connected with the socrates, ex prime minister crimes, freeport.

all this raise many questions concerning the hidden goal of this message, if genuine, or adulterated even to give the account of this piece, at least half, of information around others cases, disguise in the euro building , perhaps the demission of blatter also addresses by me on the video upper, have something to do with it

this subject of the album 91 92, come on the recent come from this recernt post and others before

3 de junho

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continuam os crimes diarios nazis de tortura e envenenamento, roubos e destruição


Estive até ontem com dores no figado como já tinha dito em anterior video, ou seja de novo me deram uma qualquer substância, e assim tem sido sistematicamente desde 2011

Ontem, na casa acima, a maior, esteve alguem durante a tarde, parece pelo mover um mulher com um certo peso, se poem muitas vezes ao telefone, e diz, estou, como quem espera uma resposta, quando saiu a vi a entrar num carro que me pareceu oficial, como alguem que a fora buscar, um bmw negro, 65 HU 21, fiquei a pensar se não seria a ministra da justiça nas tais metaforas das comissoes que entram nas casas das pessoas, como nazis que são. tinha perguntado de novo em vesperas ao jovem africano se partilhava a casa, disse-me que não, lhe disse para ter cuidado que alguem lá entrava quando ele saia, é a unica dedução possivel

continuam a entrar em casa, a roubar e destruir o que querem e provavelmente a preparar formas de me envenenar  

a royal mistress image glue on the album of 91/92 done apparently by Cristina Coutinho


And a strange collage in this particular page of this album, with three documents, the photo upper, apparently a pub campaign done by MC can erickson, to l´oreal by enigma movies, i suppose in madrid, with a greek lady, that in the photo represent the lady in the michael parker, and the sub line of the stolen eggs,  image on the post with the link under . As you can see, I have mark the pages number on this album recently. today morning after my scans they had already succeed to change it, and perhaps also some details on the photo. Yesterday, also I remark that the contents of one of the albums pages that is at my home, was robbed.  Before I also detected some forgeries in certain photos, This is the nazi reality of this crime all days from 2005 covered by all the authorities.

This is the second element glue on the page, as can be understable on the upper photo, a work fax concerning the production of the pub movie, here the lady actress or model, acquire a particular and meaningful name, Helena as Helena of Troia, interesting in the context of the apparently financial crisis and mis en scene with greece after the elections, and of course some fallen airplanes, that at the absence of justice of consumers, must be understable as a kind of taxes revenue

then, is a third document glue on the same page, a telegram from the euro building in madrid, saying apparently to me her arrival, Cristina Coutinho

 I have call this scan done today, the inverse, where we see the previous page of the album, and the same inverted telegram. also as you can see, i´m at  the phone on the floor, without head, or better saying with the head cuted, this is an important reflex image, concerning the MNE foreign affairs chapel, and the medallion the Mother with a son without head, a complex sub line that is also integrant part of different sub analyzes lines, namely the NY towers fall. 

this is the two photos that still on the album,, there was a third one upper, that someone unknown had meanwhile stole, and remark the two details on the kitchen, the almofariz, and one of the postcards coming from london, and the drape and is form on Cristina C hands.


this photo is the last page on the album, glue in the cover itself.

then this morning after the scan some unknow peoples had been in the upper room, i was trying to sleep a little bit more and i feel the normal inductions on the dreams, the photos whore already scanned before, and i let in the big pc on the desktop, they whore already adulterated at least the page numbers. then i do it again and remark, there was a small piece of paper on the scan mirror, that appeared of course in the image that reflects the drape on the Cristina C hands in the kitchen, in the upper photo

of course the lady have a rose on the head, as recently the mirrored in the sequence that i´m calling , the  rear window, remark, as can be understable in my last videos, and a kind of marilyn monroe, and of course, she is three and have three symbols visible in the back of the dress
there is also a ticket from the museum of Merida, where i suppose is the Flaming June painting, 

this last photo of this sequence just to have focus on the ticket and other elements, because the page is the rigid cover of the album and have a large size then my scan

many of this details have been already approached, analyzed and comment in previous occasions and even the terrorist had immediately after adulterated then, as for instance what they had done to the last video on the album, where they had cut by remote access on my pc during the edition some of the pages as explained in previous videos

the apparently email letter received from EC directorate in Mr. Juncker behalf

Must I suppose if true this letter, apparently from the EC directorate general justice and consumers, signed by a lady with a very particular name, that perhaps can be transposed, to another alexandra connected with a certain day of mr, schroeder, that if a remember well, is also an european politician, that is a kind of non answer concerning the inquiry and email on the links under, from 17 04 2015 and 20 04 2015

Indeed this is not a crime to police of consumers, but a crime of a stolen , abuse and torture son from 2005, a slavery crime, torture and constant attempts of murder against me and many others, and as all know this is going on from 2005 without any answers at national or european level