quinta-feira, junho 04, 2015

a close up on a detail of the M C c a n n e r i c k son spot to l ´o real, with the image of the royal mistress

as you can see in this zoom, the pack shoot of the product, seems say, Media, a reference to Plan Media at european level, when we all started discuss it, end of 80, and of course seems also had some ressonances on the claquette information, where seems the name sum, a messias, or the first one female from a certain messias, (as the fax have as title, aleluia, twice repeated and a name that same years ago appears also connected with the socrates, ex prime minister crimes, freeport.

all this raise many questions concerning the hidden goal of this message, if genuine, or adulterated even to give the account of this piece, at least half, of information around others cases, disguise in the euro building , perhaps the demission of blatter also addresses by me on the video upper, have something to do with it

this subject of the album 91 92, come on the recent come from this recernt post and others before

3 de junho

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