terça-feira, junho 02, 2015

a royal mistress image glue on the album of 91/92 done apparently by Cristina Coutinho


And a strange collage in this particular page of this album, with three documents, the photo upper, apparently a pub campaign done by MC can erickson, to l´oreal by enigma movies, i suppose in madrid, with a greek lady, that in the photo represent the lady in the michael parker, and the sub line of the stolen eggs,  image on the post with the link under . As you can see, I have mark the pages number on this album recently. today morning after my scans they had already succeed to change it, and perhaps also some details on the photo. Yesterday, also I remark that the contents of one of the albums pages that is at my home, was robbed.  Before I also detected some forgeries in certain photos, This is the nazi reality of this crime all days from 2005 covered by all the authorities.

This is the second element glue on the page, as can be understable on the upper photo, a work fax concerning the production of the pub movie, here the lady actress or model, acquire a particular and meaningful name, Helena as Helena of Troia, interesting in the context of the apparently financial crisis and mis en scene with greece after the elections, and of course some fallen airplanes, that at the absence of justice of consumers, must be understable as a kind of taxes revenue

then, is a third document glue on the same page, a telegram from the euro building in madrid, saying apparently to me her arrival, Cristina Coutinho

 I have call this scan done today, the inverse, where we see the previous page of the album, and the same inverted telegram. also as you can see, i´m at  the phone on the floor, without head, or better saying with the head cuted, this is an important reflex image, concerning the MNE foreign affairs chapel, and the medallion the Mother with a son without head, a complex sub line that is also integrant part of different sub analyzes lines, namely the NY towers fall. 

this is the two photos that still on the album,, there was a third one upper, that someone unknown had meanwhile stole, and remark the two details on the kitchen, the almofariz, and one of the postcards coming from london, and the drape and is form on Cristina C hands.


this photo is the last page on the album, glue in the cover itself.

then this morning after the scan some unknow peoples had been in the upper room, i was trying to sleep a little bit more and i feel the normal inductions on the dreams, the photos whore already scanned before, and i let in the big pc on the desktop, they whore already adulterated at least the page numbers. then i do it again and remark, there was a small piece of paper on the scan mirror, that appeared of course in the image that reflects the drape on the Cristina C hands in the kitchen, in the upper photo

of course the lady have a rose on the head, as recently the mirrored in the sequence that i´m calling , the  rear window, remark, as can be understable in my last videos, and a kind of marilyn monroe, and of course, she is three and have three symbols visible in the back of the dress
there is also a ticket from the museum of Merida, where i suppose is the Flaming June painting, 

this last photo of this sequence just to have focus on the ticket and other elements, because the page is the rigid cover of the album and have a large size then my scan

many of this details have been already approached, analyzed and comment in previous occasions and even the terrorist had immediately after adulterated then, as for instance what they had done to the last video on the album, where they had cut by remote access on my pc during the edition some of the pages as explained in previous videos

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