quinta-feira, setembro 24, 2015

collecting figures

Prejuízos da TAP agravam-se. Subiram para os 109,6 milhões  

just speaking about OA in the pages of the manuscript published today, the shuttle mark  


two covers of today, see the difference between the emotional expression of both couples

Quinta-feira, 24 de setembro de 2015

1014 M 23 09 2015 and other posts, more manuscript pages at sea matters blog


2.  New manuscript pages 95 to 103

3.  And 104 to 122

4. as accounted on the upper video, a rendez vous with a belge at kumar internet shop, his saying seems correlated with the post of the page  first stolen , and then republished at sea matter, point 145, pag 18, that I discover now that was half hidden. now its all visible

segunda-feira, setembro 21, 2015

interpelação publica dirigida à ministra da justiça e ao presidente do supremo tribunal, just sent now

Exmas senhoras dos respectivos gabinetes da ministra da justiça e do presidente juiz do supremo tribunal, fazia o favor de transmitir aos respectivos o seguinte hiperligação de mais uma interpelação publica.

continuo a esperar a V. resposta aos anteriores emails

com os meus cumprimentos

Paulo Forte 

1013 M 21 09 2015 and other posts, more page on my manuscript


2 some more posts at my blog sea matter with new pages on my manuscript.

post number 157  pages 51 to 61

post number 159  pages 62 to 72

post number 160  pages 73 to 94

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todays post

1. I´m  still with some pulmonary infection due these constant attempt to murder me

2. I will published today 3 videos, the 1011 15 09 2015, a question to Angela Merkel and to all

3. the 1012 07 09 2015, about some news in Portugal, two films, and others criminals details, like another two deaths in Quinta do Patino near Lisbon, at CM  newspaper;that seems connected with the Turkic matters

4. at sea matters blogspot, some more pages of my manuscript. My scan still do not work, and I`m digitalizing this pages on the shop, this is very expensive to me

pag  44 to 50
link under

5. An extract kiss in HD at my blog kiss, better will be to extract then in your lips

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1010 Md 11 09 2015

todays publishing summary

Still going on the crimes of impeachment, robber of information an adulterations

1. the text published in the point 151 at 07 09 2015, link under
have been stole after my publishing.

This text had a part concerning the killing at Beslan, Russia, and a relation, the vase or calix, like the one represented in the last photo on this post on the church of Queluz, the baptism of the son of Ana and Saraiva, by the African laces on the child's that are on the image. 


2. perhaps there will be other robber of informations concerning last publications, but  I can t verify now

3. today's I publish a new video master . the 1010 M , that speaks among many subjects about 911 

4. and some new points at sea matters blog, 

account on the video today published at my main blog , http://ourosobreazul.blogspot.pt , the 1010 M

namely my English passport crimes, that are also remembered on the upper video 

my scan still do not working properly, as all can understand by the scans under

why I publish this passport scans?

by a detail , the moustache, that links another one on Alameda sequence , making the spot to the Lisbon council, album 91 92. indeed is similar to the fire man that is in the crane cage.

5. Also at sea matters blog, another post with some more important blows up on album 91 92 photos to understand the adulterations and what is the story behind


this will be understood when I rich to publish the rest of the text


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1006 M 04 09 2015

1009 M 07 09 2015 1009 M 07 09 2015 Sunday criminal pass, waters, fire mans and impeachment

today in my blog Sea Matters

Today on sea matters blog,

1.  a jpeg from the opening dialog box on the magix easy HD Germany editing video, that shows a father with an elevated child, that as accounted in recent extracts published in the same blog,is puzzling me fro some years, in the sense that the young boy is very similar to Gaby younger brother. Gaby worked with me at Latina Europa and then TVI. Also as accounted maybe two years ago, this man, or a similar one, appear at my eyes taking the bus at Alcantara. this is accounted on my videos statement at time. This fact emerge again during the actual line of analyse concerning the spot to the Lisbon council at 91/92 , on the albums 91 92

2. A recent crime recent again approached in videos statements 995 M  , AXA french assurances, where i mention in two video, the first one in the link under, the persecution  acts done by the injunction court of Porto and AXA, today i published in the blog documents of support, two letters that correspond to one of this crimes, one from the court of injunction, and another one from a lawyer that represent AXA at time .  In these persecution crimes AXA assurances an injunction court of Porto, appear a possible connection with tuy, or Tua, the trains crash.

3. Also at Sea matters blog, some more micro sequences based on images and closeups of the album 91 92, spot scene at Alameda Afonso Henriques.

148. a mirror image done by Maria Elisa at RTP program around the death of princess Diana with this mine previous sequence of photos with Ester Mestre

this sequence of photos from the 80 s, as been mirrored in RTP program done by Maria Elisa around a recent, some years ago, memory on princess Diana death , by another photography, taken by a Portuguese photographer, that had shoot princess Diana. Theses facts are accounted on my book of life, but return again in these last manuscript sequence published in previous posts, and had some development in these last years, namely some of them connecting Germany elections and the opposite candidate of Angela Merkel. Also connects figures on the croma wall, that are correlated with London bombs, namely, at the time of Gaspar as ex pt finances minister, the phantom and the sorcerer and also by extension, Visao 96 magazine, the bridge pillar dilatation and consequently NY towers fall. this will be again summarize in next part of my manuscript, the actual one. As all can see, the terrorist had suceed to kaput my scanner, yesterday

149.  http://seamatter.blogspot.com/2015/09/149-complementary-micro-sequence-5-blow.html

150. http://seamatter.blogspot.com/2015/09/150-delsey-correlation-with-vectra-and.html

151. images concerning S doming Church, Beslan and towers killing, and a detail from the album 91 92 that also links this subjects

152. another sequence blows spot 91 92 and a connection with church s domingos and by extension killings, beslan, NY

in this blog, ouro sobre azul.blogspot.pt, four new videos published, 1006,1007, 1008 and 1009

1007 M 05 09 2015

1008 M 06 09 2015 a kiss to you, to not rush your orgasm on a Bavarian BMW pub kind of replay

just now at Kumar shop, 6.02 PM the terrorist had succeed to erase from

pc desktop and i suppose also from the YouTube page , one of the today's upload videos, the 1007 M. I must return to spend almost an hour!!!!

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1005 M 03 09 2015 proof of the process of crime of adulteration comment in anterior posts

the missing page on the anterior part of the manuscript as explained in anterior post in this blog

As you can see, the spots on this scan, that is on my pen, which means that they had already meanwhile change the content of my en,  are also visible on the upper left in many of the pages already published, trying to disguise in this way the art that they ha mounted on this manuscript and the missing page, namely the one already accounted, the spot, that seems a kind of ink ( false) in three words of this extract, that marked Beslan, father and son


the pages that they stole belong to the extract on the link above


quinta-feira, setembro 03, 2015

crimes de adulteração, homicídio e mais um extracto do meu manuscrito

1. Os  crimes de adulteração continuam.  

A. o título do ultimo poste está mal grafado, depois de eu o ter corrigido e de novo publicado, ou seja devem ter um " cache" na aplicação, talvez para poderem ganhar tempo para fazer adulterações. Obviamente esta técnica visa igualmente a descredibilização, ou a criação de rumores sobre questões do foro psicológico, ou seja, provavelmente pelas duas componentes aqui enunciadas, feito pelos grupos dos psiquiatras criminosos envolvidos neste crime contra mim, meu filho e muitos mais.

the same crime on the embed video under, a fake message,  and the video that is already processed on the youtube page, do not appear

B. nas ultimas paginas manuscritas publicadas, notam-se uns pontos negros, ou pequenas manchas, sobre duas especificas palavras no texto numa das paginas e nos cantos superiores esquerdos de todas as páginas, que não correspondem a qualquer borrão ou problema na digitalização. isto foi uma arte indutiva nomeadamente para preparar uma leitura na igreja de S. Domingos

C.  o video 1001 M , link, http://ourosobreazul.blogspot.pt/2015/08/1001-m-22-03-2015-this-is-re-editing-of.html  , que é um extracto do 1000 M, com as partes sobre a leitura do Dell, pc, uma indução altamente preparada por terceiros com explicado, até eventualmente com propósitos infecciosos, ou seja, tentativas de homicídio como é constante ao longo dos anos que dura este crime, foi cortado de novo, ou seja pelo menos dois "takes", um deles, relativo a percepção da forma do ovo no chassi do PC. como será visível em próximo video, mudaram assim me parece a drive do PC em minha casa

D. the manuscript extract published on my blog sea matters, on the post with the link under, 


just now i remark, that they take some pages away and replace for others duplicated.

E. o ultimo video publicado abaixo deste post, o 1004 M , foi também cortado, pelo menos em dois pontos

F . no link abaixo, paginas 23 a 42 do manuscrito que tenho vindo a publicar, e 11 fotos que são comentadas neste extracto. as onze fotos publicadas são dos álbum 91 92 , algumas ampliadas e reenquadradas para melhor se entender os pormenores. Provavelmente já as reenquadraram para enfraquecer a compreensão da relação do texto, e dos detalhes


 i demand that these criminal present to a court, and also i demand that you, telecoms, or google servers or third part, put the missing pages on the  manuscript right away on place