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1045 M 26 12 2015 FIFA, BLATTER, second part

Christmas letter to Nicole Kidman ( kid mna ) with 12 blades. all them at SEA MATTERS blog, published today

the cubic stone of the tsunami?

also pope, is mirroring in the Publico todays cover, the cubic stone of the sea, also approached in the last part of the extract of my manuscript publsihed at SEAMATTERS blog, and a particular detail on one of the comic from Milo Manara, brevi Storie

1044 M 23 12 2015 about a photo on pt news yesterday, day 22, about Blatter, FIFA

there will be a second video on this matter of FIFA, Blatter and Platini,

there is also a possible key concerning the detail on the cover photo of PT newspaper Publico, highly implied on this crime of international conspiracy, that came from the band aid that Blatter had in the face, like suggesting a lecture concerning the first id from the band or gang, (bad DN), and this can aplly to Marta deaths, pirate edition of the Universal DVD from the Portuguese band Xutos e Pontapes, that is also again approached in the last part of the extract of mu manuscript published at my blog SEA MATTER

the Publico cover mentioned on the video

1043 M 23 12 2015 kiss to Nicole K, joint recent extract, cover, album 91 92 connections

1042 22 12 2015

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1041 M 20 12 2015

1040 M 19 12 2015

1039 M 19 12 2015

today published at sea matter, 24 closes of the photos on foreigner affair palace, Lisbon council spot on 91 92

that are the base of an answer to thee last Nicole Kidman magazine cover appear on Portugal, that is explained already in part in the manuscript extract and will be further ( manuscript also at sea matters blog)

crime of impeachment concerning the video up load twice with the conversation with Nicole about this images that links a lot of different tragedies, including the NY towers fall

the photo upper is taken from the you tube page and correspond to the information that appeared concerning these two uploads.

this is not true, because both times, the clip, had been completed up load, and its impossible that you tube cannot convert it. as all know the terrorist, (rui st),  had succeed to disarranged the clip just after the recording at my office, but of course they have at least all the sound r

quinta-feira, dezembro 03, 2015

a video where among other subjects like bombs in France, there is the fallow of my kiss to Nicole Kidman, by her recent photo, and the correlations establish with the album 91 92 and the NY towers fall

as you can understand the video is losing sync between image and sound. the terrorists change my codecs and the application each time I open my PC. each time that I wont to edit a video,I must re install a image disk, around one hours, and in the second editing is already out of sync. I want these criminals arrest. I can t afford to re edit again, then i published like they have adulterated, this also allows them more easily to change specific words as detected again recent, namely concerning the comment on nicole image, the band, is rose and rose normally is a socialist color or reference 

today's post at SEA MATTERS

terça-feira, dezembro 01, 2015

this video was stole in the post at SEA MATTERS

in this link, http://seamatter.blogspot.com/2015/07/118-899-m-14-07-2015-some-aspects-on.html

if you open the player, it say that this video do not exist

also I just now remark that the terrorist had erase the  more or less twenty pages, the first ones of this manuscript that i m been writing and publishing