sexta-feira, janeiro 02, 2015

864 M 02 12 2015 to curia and to all

863 M 31 12 2014, to curia , robbers, you tube, tsunami 2005, and others subjects2

862 M 29 12 2014

two recent approached images on last video comments

the monkey, child figure, that appear in my coffee after the complex sub line with clooney and the pope, image on pt newspapers as comment in recent videos

the Dionisios ritual,that came to my conscience after the publishing on the pt newspapers of the detail on the hands of Antonio Gutierres and in the same day, the smiley symbol on the you tube boys

the smiley symbol, as comment on the video upper  864 M 02 12 2015 to curia and to all, today hereby published, appeared also in the upper draw of these two, on one of the small circles done by the coffee or by third criminal part, as explained in the referred video