segunda-feira, janeiro 12, 2015

875 M 12 01 2015 to curia and to all, encore sur des subjects françaises

874 M 11 01 2015, to curia and to all, France subjects, NY, totem, throne, some details

873 M 10 02 2015 to curia and to all joana amaral dias, pr investigadora em londres, majijo, charlie

872 M 07 01 2015 B, because the first uploaded was cuted

two facts

1. the video published under at January 7

872 M 05 01 2015 prove of the crimes of robber and adulteration's of prove done trough computers and applications

was cut by the terrorists, i, m trying to upload a new version. i have already explain why they adulterated it.

2.  perhaps what had caused the strange phenomena " stopping the clouds moment in recent day " as accounted and in France and near Marseilles, also target of my recent comments above on the french matters, this killings and the covers.