sexta-feira, fevereiro 20, 2015

912 M 20 02 2015 some phone calls to criminals, supreme court

911 M 20 02 2015 some phone calls to criminals, presidency of republic

910 M 20 02 2015 some phone calls to criminals, parliament, lurdes gonçalves

The first version of this video was change during the encoding at pt headquarters or during the upload, as the others upper with the two others phone calls do in the same day, 20 02 1015, for this reason I will replace them now. this crime will comment on upper video where the phone calls are also approached, by this way they reach to take off the video with the parliament at the day of recording and first publication

i hope everything will be alright with you

a strange feeling of family, a casual rendez vous, if such exist, near the sea with a piano.... some large years ago after the birth of my son, and this very strange line around brain and, brain damages, and brains developments if is the proper word or even concept, the missing 90 % of use that they say long decades ago

O Homem que Confundiu a sua Mulher com um Chapéu


não tanto pelo manbo jambo, dos programas que funcionam, sem mesmo saber a qual se referem no ambito da crise com a grecia, mais pela molecula artificial, com braçinhos ventosas em toda a sua superfice redondinha boa para tudo agarrar e comer

909 M 17 02 2015, the robber of my son Francisco, blood lines, part 3

an underground image that mix many others deaths

that i shoot after seeing one of the recent comment images, in a very complex sequence, with the minister of justice, ze pedro from xutos e pontapes,, the blood contamination sub lines and the an image that also mix the psychiatric crimes with the health minister, paulo macedo, the two monitors image as i had comment, this image here published, is the reverse image of the one with paulo macedo, and also bring another link,. with one of the image of the death of the arabian king, by the lamps, that correspond on this image to the support pieces of the monitors

what seems the constant lecher crimes, and ABC reactions

after my comments on elif shafak , video 905 M 12 02 2015 concerning recent world images, and the mirror between her and Batarda, the next day, she is in this cover, i, m asking what she is seeing, perhaps what seems a phallic representation by a priest, that remember me a recent image of a small movie of the house of birds, pearhaps by this constant lecher crimes, and even some already murder by yours ABC reactions,... and other sub line around