quinta-feira, março 05, 2015

928 M 05 03 2015 TO CURIA AND TO ALL

continuing Greek conversation on public debts and metaphors, remembering some principles of law, a dream image induct about a dragon after comments on details image readings at Lapa, Lisbon some years ago accounted on recent videos, the killing at Russia in a bridge, the Adra greek poem on the bridge and other strange reflections, Beslan killing, Turquie, Seoul, Japan, Onu, States, a key from Robbie Williams movie, the final cut, mira sor vaso ino, and others details n these nazis crimes

927 M 04 03 2015 to curia and to all, a new criminal complaint, robber and adulteration of my accusations

926 M 03 03 2015 to curia and to all, reading of the letter sent to pedro passos coelho, pt pm 16 01 2015

after this constant affront of these Nazi criminals that as normal are always surrounding of all kind of dogs and even murders

this is going like this from the robber of my son at 2005 during the anterior government of the Nazi Socrates