segunda-feira, março 09, 2015

931 M 09 03 2015

930 M 09 03 2015, Greece, previous parts including one minute that the terrorist had erase and some more details

1. the video that was cut by the terrorists in this link under

2. there also new parts on this video concerning the public debts European politics and criminal facts concerning the criminal protection that they all seems grant between all them 

3. some of them also link Luxembourg details accounted on my trip to the court, namely the dragon image at Saint Therese cathedral

4. some of the questions hereby again to all remembered, must be answer also at European, commission and parliament levels,  

929 M 09 03 2015 supreme court tsunami 2005,o "catalizador"

1. Goncalves as name have at least three references, the psychiatric, the banker, and maybe the son of Cristina Pinto, as explained on this video

2. I suppose the video has been subtle adulterated, just a word that correspond to a number that I read when showing the erasing crime done in my pc concerning the time line of two videos, this is possible as I already explained on the past, and aim as normal the disbelieve of my accusations, I wont these peoples persecuted and present to a court and an end for these crimes that are increasing everyday

927 M 04 03 2015 to curia and to all, a new criminal complaint, robber and adulteration of my accusations