quinta-feira, março 19, 2015

942 M 19 03 2015

the day after my publishing of the video 940 M 17 03 2015 news last week, ex pj sporting and handcoff peoples by false debts and at least a murder confession where I comment the strange news about the man of sporting ex pj and peoples handcoff at home, next day on radio antena 2 in the morning news, was announced the demission of an director af AT, finances department, taxes authorities,(99)  saying that was only issue this information without any other context or explanations, then seems indeed that some true exist concerning these crimes and criminals, pearhaps one of the criminal heads of these constant (tnt) crimes of persecution during decades.
i still insist on the immediate demission of the justice minister!
In this video hereby in this post published there is a line developed in recent comments, around the flyboys images , movie, and their meanings, with all the concomitant lines and sub lines made me remenber a memory of a ccount gave on my book of life around 2006/ 2007, where a kind of figth plane 2 world war model, had pass above the family building by nigth very close, I suppose also around some readings concerning the Beslan killing. as I stated this fligth was not a normal one, even the model of this plane, that had at least two different correspondences, allies and nazis  

941 M 18 03 2015, NY 911 CK key and others details

the video 939 M 17 03 2015 to curia and to all, about nazi crimes and others details , published under in my last day of publishing before today, as been take away by the terrorist as I realized just now when entering this internet shop at  Lg s. Paulo, I link it again from my YouTube application even without knowing if they had cut or adulterer meanwhile some important information's, which means there are always criminal reason to do these crimes.

Indeed in the video that was missing, already I gave the account of the erasing of some takes that whore in it. I suppose that some of the robber of some of this information can be used to again kill at least here in Portugal, I detected in CM, yesterday, three car accidents deaths that seem clear a signature of another kind of fire, also FMI or apparently FMI was here in Portugal again