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an old video with an important fact of this Nazi crime against my son and me

as i say here in this video at 25 10 2013, this was the last time until this moment that i saw my son, if was my son, and not a one more trick crimes of the psychiatric s involved in this crime with the agreement of my father, must i also presume, because i do not tell nothing about. this show how they are indeed twisted and perverted as Nazis are in their crimes, and also reinforce what i suspect, that they also have my father in their hands from the beginning of the robber of my son. many accounted facts on the past prove this statement

by is high, almost mine, at 13 years of age, i suppose that was not him, and also by the face. more strange this had come at that point, because some days after my mother said to me, that the son of vasco geraldes has target of aggression on the school and that they had broken is nose. further tries of contact with him and recent in the lawyer line also coming from my father, fiances persecutions, i had try also to contact his brother, joão, and as accounted also some strange facts arisen as accounted on video

I still insist in the immediate intervention of the European criminal court

I still insist in the immediate intervention of the European criminal court

949 MB 25 03 2015 a um poeta maior e um mar de sangue e um dizer ao iman

this video have also some comments concerning this strange crash at the Swiss alps, namely some recent accounted facts, as the killing of the Belgian child's in the Swiss tunnel and others aspects

the crash on the alpes

two different covers, that seems a narrative film construction, like what we call, "campo e contracampo, ", just to suggest the reading and similitude with the mountain and the draw of the little prince published in my blog seamatters.blogspot.pt, concerning the NY 911 towers fall

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this one is from yesterday, also a similitude with the piece in orange, gold that i had described before at MNE garden the monkey satyr line

948 M 25 03 2015 europe prison, vip crimes,lists,debts

the letter received apparently from the PT parliament at 21 01 2015

that according the phone calls, they still doing "deligências ", procedures, because as normal during all these years that this crime is going on i do not have any answers until now, and this says all about they crimes and guilty.

as i also had comment, that seems even that this letter, perhaps a forgery,. is a piece of the labyrinth concerning namely the GA acronym letter from the European criminal court as account  

remembering some crimes around the european justice provider at EC, at time a Greek sir

Introduction to the fifth complaint submit at European justice provide

The follow letter was sent to all the heads of European parliament by email to the address that are in the document under, with the title, public criminal inquiry, part three,  address to the heads of European parliament, on day 14 March 2012. 

Of course there are others, namely the two parts anterior to this one, and old these documents are available on line at the blog aconspiracycrime.blogspot.pt and others, linked at ourosobreazul.blogspot.pt

This letter is a kind of sum of questions and statements that I had produce during all my previous contacts with them, and speak of many different crimes including murders.

The main question is always the same, why all the European institutions seems had forget all this decades to build at the same time, a common justice structure, what this absence translate about the trust the European citizens can count and raise of course many suspicious concerning the European institutions, project an misleading by criminal purposes or what I can define at least bad administration.

This letter can be easy understood also as a road to solve the question, if true will to solve it exist, and by this reason, this also became art of the content of the sixth complaint, present after this one, in a form of a public inquiry.

This letter was sent to all the heads of the European parliament with a demand to send also to the European commission, on the day 14 of March 2012 and has also published at my blogs, and I realize yesterday, 19 10 2012, that was also erased, as many documents, facts and proves, and I’m almost sure that after republishing it, the terrorists will put it again on line because this is they normal procedure, when I notice the crimes and give public account.

Also as I notice this month and gave the account, the terrorists, after had receiving the apparent first letter from the European justice provider, erase all my incoming emails at my Gmail account and of course all the automatic confirmation from the receivers, has been also erased and this raise the logical suspicion that maybe this criminal act came or was ordered by some at this European institutions, and more heavy the suspicious became if we sum all the crimes of constant deviation of many of my correspondence with European institutions, even at Curia, the European criminal court.

This letter, that I had call at time, ”Criminal public inquiry to the heads of European parliament and commission, part three”, is a fair sum of the most relevant facts and crimes in European institutions, where among many, even a dead of a Portuguese European parliamentary, mingle with this crime of international conspiracy had occurred at Brussels and meanwhile another one, Miguel Portas, and seems also that even concerning the ones at these institutions, the policy is the silence and the criminal absence of justice. 

As I gave the account in public video statements at the time of the dead of Miguel Portas, I received three life threats with the understanding that I will be the next.

Indeed as you can confirm in the beginning of this letter, I was already at that time sick in consequence of an attempt of murder, as many during all this years and all, here at Portugal, authorities, doctors and labs are denying me the basic human right to have proper health care, and this is, as I stated more than once recently, an authorized collective assassination, that seems also been authorized by the high levels European institutions.

Perhaps you all succeed to kill me and perhaps even Europe as project will disappear, and perhaps some of you will go soon to jail or seven inches under land, as the past already prove it, but I will always demand what is by law due to me and to my son, because a father do not abandon his child and son in the hands of robbers and tortures!

I will resend this letter today to the European justice provider.

And I ask to all that have access to this complaint if can also send in my name to them and others worldwide institutions that at least in theory defend human rights and peoples in this kind of situations, and I say in theory because even from Onu committee against torture I do not have any answer, unless a hang up phone, as you can see at my Book of Life.  

Paulo forte  
20 10 2012

Under, the letters send to all the sweet criminal lider s of this Europe without justice and care for the rights that claim defend, sent, at 14 March 2012 again without any answer at date!