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952 M 30 03 2015 to curia and to all, some others aspects around the Swiss crash, and strange criminal metaphors act by the secretary of tresor

951 M 30 03 2015 to curia and o all, about the Swiss plane crash, and others previous links, like CK 9111 NY image

950 M 28 03 2015 crimes at pt headquarters, the plane Swiss alps crash

Telecoms condemn at the European court, for criminal practices of “dog in”

Telecoms condemn at the European court, for criminal practices of “dog in”

If true, recent news at the European justice provider site, give the account that the European court as condemn, the telecoms, for what they had define, as” dog in”, which mean, crimes against the privacy of peoples and basic human rights, that many time are used as proved in the past, to make other big crimes, including death of many.

As I have explained to all in the past, this sentence, if true, seems give me reason, in the principle of the existence and nature of this crime, whoever as I just remember, is only a first step, need of course to be quickly transposed to Portuguese law and more than this, do not annul or erase the need, by the criminal actions they are committing all these years, the account of the criminal responsibilities

a recent subject concerning my accusations against pt telecom, there are other video before this one

 This video, 381 E 28 08 2012, is a complementary criminal accusation concerning the participation of PT telecom, on the killing of three hundred youngsters in India some time ago, as you can see in anterior part already published.

Essentially, this comment, that reemerges recent in the context of the conversation with Ban Kin Moon,  under published, speaks about , again, what I consider an echo after the first part in DN, in this constant terrorist acts they all do during all this years.

Its advice to see the photo published day 21 in DN, to understand this!

remembering the same constant crimes that arisen in 2012 with the actual justice minister


Ministério da justiça

À criminosa que ocupa indevidamente o cargo de ministra da justiça, Paula Teixeira da Silva

Aguardando a reposição dos direitos que me são devidos e a meu filho desde 2005.

Aguardando a sua resposta face as ultimas interpelações públicas que lhe dirigi, algumas das quais no seguimento das suas iníquas, indirectas, e inaceitáveis encenações, para quem não me responde em forma oficial como é obrigado por lei.

Junto envio nova acusação criminal, contra a senhora, o governo, e todos os que desempenham funções de lei neste pais corrupto na mão de bandidos, ladrões de crianças, abusadores e torturadores, como a senhora.

Aguardo a sua resposta, na esperança que se componha como mulher que não é.

Exijo pelo conjunto de factos criminosos e razões de conhecimento público e mundial, a sua imediata demissão e a ordenação e um inquérito criminal sobre os seus actos e omissões.

Anexo link da queixa crime
Paulo forte
14 08 2012

and a video with the prove on the envoy of this email and others namely to Angela Merkel

remembering the same crimes done by the pt parliament in 2012

the same criminal silence as in the contacts done at January this year, that still without any answers

new email send today, 08 08 2012, to the presidency of Portuguese parliament
criminal complaint against the cabinet of the Portuguese parliament presidency and against lady’s Helena Pizarro and Agostinha Borges
This account of a phone contact with the cabinet of the PR of Portuguese parliament, is also the account of a crime, better saying, more than one crime, appears in this act at the day 08 11 2011before at day 04 11 2011
I publish this video at


I had send on day, 02 11 2011, an email to the actual president of Portuguese parliament, lady Assunçao Esteves with the following content

Dear lady Assunção Esteves, president of the Portuguese parliament i cant imagine or even accept that you are not aware of this complex crime of international conspiracy against me and my son and I cant imagine or even accept that you are not aware of the crimes against law that whore also committed in this parliament until this day for the last years can you then answer me, do you still in the way of the bandits and child molesters or not do you will fulfill the law and the rights that are granted to citizens, or may I assume that this new president will act as normally bandits and outlaws act

paulo forte
02 11 2011

crime complain to the European criminal court

first crime

as I explain in this video, the email was send through the system of email that is in each page of the parliament, in this case, the page of presidency, in contacts this system of email in pages, opens a window where people write the text, then, when send it, the page generate inside it self a confirmation of the success or failure of the envoy, nor a receipt of the act, that someone can use as prove that, particular envoy was really send in a certain date and hour for this reason, that I had long time ago to all explain, this is a crime committed in the field of officials communications by the parliament itself, because they are responsible to this important aspect of they mission, public service and also a crime against the state of law and people’s rights, because people, as individuals or groups, had the right to have proves of all official contacts they do for this reason, a take a photo of the page after the envoy, as prove that I send it and also by the system it self, that the mail, was there

this is also a crime with an aggravation because I had already denounce this as a crime, to parliament it self, and in public space that according by the Portuguese law, is reason enough to promote a public investigation, by the competent s authorities

and also is an aggravation of this crime against the citizens, the state of law and the republic, that this absence of correction, prove also that this email system at parliament, as in many others official ans state institutions, is express design in this way, to facilitate many crimes, by the legal reasons already explain

second crime

at the same time that I send this email, some one or group, hereby consider as third part, also committed a crime of copy and deviation of the email it self and use it as part of a crime because as the court can see, hereby under also published, the apparently same email was after send to my electronic email account, with at least what we can consider a suspicious formulation concerning it, and the act of sending

this prove the hand of third part, participation on this constant crime, facet of this conspiracy against a child, my soon and a father, me, of diverting, robber, spying, and even adulteration of all my communications, in all the medias that we use to communicate

one or many distinct possibility of motives that arise for this crime, is also protecting the ones that by this way, are trying to protect the criminal acts in the cabinet of the president of parliament and his head, the president , that in the absence of a answer, to the content of my official communication, will be soon, criminal charged, as the parliament is already by acts and omission of acts, and many crimes, due in the past

third crime,

which is the first by is relevance this account, it is by itself

prove of a crime of disrespect against the rights of citizens and a crime against the state of law and the republic

it s unacceptable, this kind of treatment that this peoples in a organ of the state and republic, which, the first function, is to represent the people, in a constant way do, with the aggravation, of the impunity they have

this is also a crime of abuse of power trough the public function they carry

it’s also unacceptable what we can call, if it was the case, the overall quality of attending, specially
if we understand that this people apparently works at the cabinet of the presidency of the parliament

shall we all understand in a very clear way, how this crimes, are clear by the content of this communication

first, the number that I had dial, was in the contacts section of the page of the presidency of parliament it self, as only phone number to contact the presidency, and as all can heard, apparently the first to attend was in other department, the general phone attending

this is a crime of misinformation at the official page of Portuguese parliament, and is a crime against they function and against the citizen rights and show also of course, the overall quality and bad design of the structure functions and channels of communications, that is done expressly in this way, to promote and facilitate this kind of constant crimes

after understanding that the call was at the general attending service, I ask the lady to connected with the cabinet of the presidency, her replay was among others strange questions, what was the matter

this give substance that we are in the presence of a well organize bandits association inside the parliament and many others institutions of the state, because a general phone attending do not need to know a matter, that concerning other cabinet, special when the citizen, say expressly at it was the case, that he wanted to speak with the head of the presidency cabinet

this first lady, also commit a crime, when she refuse to gave her name, because is a right of a citizen to have the full identification of the public functionary that serve him, which means the name, and others elements of identification concerning the functions or role in a certain institution where he works, if asked
concerning the second lady, Agostinha Borges, that seems by one of the secretary of lady Noemia Pizarro who seems be the head of the presidency cabinet of the parliament

her overall answer, first was not even a answer, and by this reason this is also a crime against the citizen rights

shall the court understand, that public institutions and public servants, serve the citizens, and must do it in a correct and efficient way, which also means, providing real and concrete answers that are able to solve the questions that the citizen put to them

this is proved by her answer at the final, when I asked her, when can I expected the returning call, wich means in practical terms, the possibility to know the answer requested or part of it, and she replay that she can not answer or take a compromise in relation to the time of the answer, wich was the first step, to have the confirmation that the email arrived

public service, means serve the people, and representation, wich are the foundation of the public service, always implies compromise, as normally some one expect and also constantly do, at any kind of daily basis dealings with others

the tricky parts of her conversation, trying to justify what is always unacceptable to justify, because they function is to help wich is other name, of serve, shows whoever the possibility of other crime against the state of law, against the republic and first of all against the citizen which is the foundation of the precedents

if it is not even concerning of the citizen, to apparently know what they always claim in this kind of constant crimes, is indeed concerning of the citizen, that public institutions must work well and properly, and if true what she say, this also traduce a bad organization of the internal function of this institution at this level, and arise a second question, that the court must appreciate, if this bad organization, as it is a design or work that don’t answer properly a certain function, is done in this way, to serve exactly that purpose

this will lead to understand the different responsibilities on this crime, because as all know, a parliament, is a common structure and as always a structure have internal rules, and different degrees of action, duty and responsibility, and in a parliament by the nature of his functions, many of this questions are political questions, and by this reason, representatives have responsibilities and are directly accountable on this matters

however, I sustain in this court, that I have reason to believe that this particular crime, that is proved in this official contact with the Portuguese parliament was another s contours and subsequently other criminal nature


by what I can call, the fine analyze of the content of what the lady say

in all

after my demanding of knowing the confirmation on the arrival of this correspondence and if was already read by the president, she have put me in wait for six minutes, and then she return to the phone, and was the court can understand simply by the change in tone of her speaking, and also by the specific contend of the words that she use at that moment, gave me the perception, of three hings, that she start lying, that someone in the cabinet, had instructed her at that moment to not confirm the question and also to spend my credit phone card, as they all now that I don’t have money, as proved also because this tactic of diversion, is constant in this kind of contacts also because is unthinking that this cabinet don’t have by the informatics application it self, a automatic system that organize the emails, as normal an emails system do, that aloud find and confirmations in a very quickly time

for this reason I ask the court a full inquiry to determine what happened in the cabinet at the time of this call, and I present based in this arguments and demonstration, also a criminal complain against this lady and others of the cabinet, of belonging and act as bandits association in this crime of stole , torture and abuse of my soon and myself

and I stress to the court, that this crime of conspiracy, is not a miner crime, in what some can in a trick way claim to be, just a crime in administrative field

I also ask the court, the immediate inhibition of any kind of functions of public attending to this lady and the other, or others that had instructed her to act in this criminal way

I stress also to the court, that as I have denounce as crime before in public domain, that the absence of a receipt in correspondence with a a citizen envoy, is a crime by itself, but the reality in this corrupt country, is that even this, was not corrected until now, as in the same way, all the authorities still behavior in a criminal manner

I ask also already, a money compensatory indemnity of one hundred thousand euros, concerning the crime of offense of my rights as citizen as proved in this accusation, because all this daily’s crimes that are committed in this country, don’t have until now any kind of consequences, and as the court know, many are subjecting me and my soon to this almost every days for the last six years in all kind of official levels contacts

paulo forte

09 11 2011

here the photo on the the email that i send trough the embedded
system of email in the official page of the portuguese parliament president as gave the account in this accusation


 this video is the partial account on the parliament crimes already during the actual presidency, and give the account of the first phone call to her 11 2011, without any answer until now!!!!!