quinta-feira, abril 09, 2015

957 M 09 04 2015 conversas da corte do egipto

956 M 09 04 2015 to curia and to all

concerning crimes of adulteration on last three videos, reply to the Greek prime minister and angela merkel, photos of yesterday on Portuguese newspapers, the normal political crimes in Portugal namely at the council of Lisbon, socrates case, and others. the image of a yesterday  resignation of seabra, some contextual explanations and questions, with the same gesture of hand as the paulo nuncio, and the illegal access to site , some comments on the photos albums made apparently by cristina coutinho in 92, and what can be the motive for the erase of same photos on the video under published, some photo robber also in the figures of the japoneze panels, explanations, a new inquiry to the actual minister of justice, and law reforms, and law made in purpose protect crimes and impeach the production of prove