quarta-feira, abril 15, 2015

strange link and news if true


by two reasons, one, the image, the legs,  reflects some of the details on the draws that i´m analyzing, namelly, the legs on the hulk monster that raise on the fall of the NY  towers on 911, that again seems prove that they have been also stole, second, actor ck, is one of the declination of the shirts letters reading

959 M 15 04 2015 to curia and to all

in this video also approached the last pdf received from the justice minister cabinet and a small perhaps strange change in the content of the usual criminal answer, when they say that i can sent to the cabinet the documents that i consider important, must i understand this as an hidden demand of help or assistance, the criminal irony in this crimes, is always outstanding.

others subjects, Swiss airplane crash, Holland, Manuel, the french tirany news, Tipsras images, queen Sofia from Spain, torsion's crimes and arts at my home, the grossery daughter that supply the ham to Cavaco Silva and others unknowns at the building, new attempt of murder and others criminal matters