sexta-feira, abril 17, 2015

962 M 17 04 2015 public inquiry to Mr Junker , extract from the anterior video master

961 M 17 04 2015 comments on the previous video 960 M and others crimes details


this video is mainly a enlarged comment based on the previous one, the 960 M, published under, where some of the themes approached are some time in this comment enlarged on linked to other previous established contents and connections.

wave on liberty avenue, show in the previous video, the erased images, explanations, the models on the shops, namely Natasha, it seems, Dragi image at the press conference linked in my last post and connections with some of the details of CK pub campaign and by extension the fall of the towers; Paul walker image, Cali hunger, Angelico death, the phantom, also a detail that link Canada and takoban, a meeting with a french lady, Catherine, Hollande, Cavaco Silva, Sarkozi, Serralves, Porto, Marie, Swiss banker, the plane crash, and the tunnel with the Belgian children s killing, Fnac Chiado, siza veira, medicis, italy, Bar Rafaeli, lingerie, swiss terrace at rossio, bed affairs the sheets or drapes and triple cordons on the sky at  time of the Beslan killings, RTP, robbers of rights of authorship, like triumph of the pigs, teresa paixão, maria elisa, son, Tommy quiosque application that seems can be based on the robbery application e-cultura, shark tank teethes, California, millennium bank group, DN bandits newspapers, Tralhão shop image at Alcantara, we do your house and technical pass, an office at Agua Santa strett, probably the thiefs or spying or spies, socrates lawyers image, and takobam connections namely, SIC television, rossio fload, Spain, queen, sofa powders and other feminines arts at my home, two shoots, a lugar and a projector, the Luger sub line, calicida, or kali aids, slat,. le pen image, Gutierres and junker, inquiry to them, returning to the image of the triple cordon on the album on 91 made by Cristina Coutinho, the priest, it seems, the symmetry shoulder image between architect Jose adrião and gutierres junker shoulder on recent image previous comments, and the previous context, the broken wings that include some ramifications with the fall of the NY towers, other french subjects like Charlie killing in Paris, Mango pub campaigns in recent Nederlands context. Madonna kissing in the context of poisoning and attempts of murder and teethes pains    

960 M 15 04 2015, a kiss, a storm, a thunder and heavy rains

I´m having problems to upload this 3 videos of today, and I suppose they are already cut or adulterated. Why because there is an important key concerning heavy rains and others criminal matters recent approached. even during the shooting they cut some of the original shots