segunda-feira, maio 11, 2015

today's crimes and comments, and two new videos the 968 M 06 05 2015 and 969 M 10 06 2015

1. Immediately after my reading of a book about russian  poetry in a recent video,

967 M 30 04 2015 a kiss to you, that for some of the content i also present to curia 

that have important references, namely to Freitas do Amaral, futuras, as pen, sub line at the time of his depart to ONU, and Visão magazine images, already analyze even in the context of the shuttles fall and towers, the terrorist had enter my house and take this book away. by the subjects itself, at forts glance, must be peoples connected with the pt authorities,MNE or even the nazi president.

the same had happen not far away also after the recent publishing about the sub line of Towers analyze concerning the animist primitive magic religion magic components on the fall of the towers, an important book by the established relation with some aspects on the figures of the japoneze panels, was immediately take away, and before, also during Ukraine crisis, a draw from my son within the sub line of the so cal formulas. about these facts I had present as normal during these years a complaint and as usual i do not have any answer or the return of this books and this point and sustain always my argument that pt authorities are covering all the ones behind this killings. 

I demand the immediate arrest of these thieves that are covered and protected by all the authorities.

2. This strange, in the sense that again seems prepared, where again is suggested as by many in these days, as a kind of answer, or reference, the nazi salutation , and the hand shows the lights on the ceiling, like in movement as we see for instance when we are travelling in the underground,  and the letters on the card suggest, a, the first one, ac, le, lea ar, of the plan, or P, lan, co, I suppose if true, they must sustain and prove this possibility of lecture. of course this line of "mis en scene" had further developments, namely by what again seems forgery cover os pr newspapers, that i do not find online, with what seems an old military parade in russia, this was a cover of Publico, that was namely at the shop of Alcantara, and where of course also other sub lines can be readed. of course others suggested meaning scan be read on this sub lines around cameron last photos, namely japan, but i will not comment it now  

3.Strange meanings on this photo publico online today's editions

Schäuble desafia Tsipras a avançar com referendo

Of course, this complex line of "mis en scene" after the Greek elections, also made appear to ours eyes, this Greek man, varoufakis, and i suppose in purpose because is the only public character that started appear on the international panorama, or news, immediately also after the robber of some details concerning my draws not published until now, about the fall of the NY towers, namely the monster that raise with the rock egg on the hand visible on the dust on the 911, which means , as i also stated in a recent video, that the face of the monster on this draw, is a face of a perroquet or an arara, and indeed this greek man,varoufakis, have a similar perfil, then is fair to say that is image is used on this mirror, that again as proved, is based first of all again on a crime of robber of my work, remembering that other details had been also mirrored in medias, by others character like Dilma for instance, as other detected and account at time. of course the image of Varoufakis as image of the monster, by memory, was also arranged at least at the time of his first appearances on medias, to reinforce this lecture around the nose, as you all can check by my statements, i had even heard by spirit a projected line, where some unknown one speaks about other that whore undergo under a plastic surgery, which can apply to this manipulation without dismissing others possible interpretations, which also means, as mirror image, considering in all, of course the image of this greek man, must correspond to another one for instance in Pt

4. This video,. the 969 10 06 2015, is a explanation, demonstration and proof of the technical process that the terrorist use to produce adulteration on my videos, namely by changing content and ways to disguise it

5. This video under, the 968 M 06 10 2015 TC, that is an acronym of time code, and also "tribunal constitucional", constitutional court,  that in the encoding stays with the number of weight of 666, is more or less the same, of the 968 M 06 05 2015 to all and to curia under on this link

with of course the explained adulterations in the upper video. whoever this video is again here published because to make this proof, I had on the encoding a TC stamp, that allow people to confirm the robber about one minute of content, around the trainers exchange of words, barcelona, SB, usb, MNE chapel, that is also integrant part of the towers analyze among others disgraces