quarta-feira, maio 27, 2015

974 M 27 05 2015 some american news if true, California sea reflex, an apparently letter from EC, in behalf of Mr. Junker and giving numbers of electricity

amazing this non answer if true the letter, from the European institutions concerning demands of help from 2011 and the constant manbo jambo, act by Mr. Junker included 

this is crime concerning a robber of my  son  among many others crimes like torture and slavery, is unacceptable this kind of non answers!!!!


no mercado livre da electrecidade o que deve ser uma piada em si mesmo, não existem horas de vazia, é preciso escolher a opção 2, no atendimento automatico, onde se esquecem de dar esta explicação, deve ser da alcatra

973 M 27 05 2015 about recent images on waves , from my draws, Publico cover with Dilma, Curia, Vogue, Maxima mainly addressed to Brasil but not only

the manuscript notes  under published today, can be sum in part to this account

others previous comments with Brasil including robbers never answer http://conversandocomobrasil.blogspot.pt

972 M 26 05 2015 public criminal inquiry to daniel sampaio, moderno, isabel soares, maria barroso and justice minister

this video, the 972 M 26 05 2015 is a resume of the lasts question addressed to the one mentioned above. as normal I do not have any kind of answers, as i stat at the end, would be expectable and answer in face of the memory of my principal point of my criminal accusations some of them coming from 2007

the royal mistress, the egg and some notes around this matters also approached in the upper video, mainly addressed to presidenta Dilma from Brasil

Michael Parker, the Royal Mistress

this notes whore write after the video recording  "973 M 27 05 2015 about recent images on waves , draws robbed of my actual analyze documents,  Dilma image on the Publico newspaper reflecting some details of the draw as hereby in the video also showed, Curia, image from the album 91/92,  Maxima recent cover and Vogue  " and touch some of the criminal possibilities around this crime, in a certain way can be in same aspects complementary about some of the details approached in the video