quinta-feira, junho 11, 2015

the germany alpes i presume, a ranch, flying boys and a kind of cruxification, melhor só ramo de oliveira do tsipras a angela

9 de junho

a new album, on the manipulation of the album 91/92

the Nazis gives medals to thief's and child's robbers

Quinta feira, 11 de junho de 2015

This man, Teixeira dos Santos was the finances minister of Socrates, socialist government that is in jail as perhaps all know. He is charge by me by crimes of persecution through the state, abuse of power, within the crime of robber abuse and torture of my son and myself, and as I had prove on the past he did not answers to the correspondence that I sent to his cabinet at time. This is the finances minister that we all had listen many time that the public debt was under control, until one day, that we started as many in others countries the existence of a huge public debt, 5 billions, raise from a day to another, and now he had received a medal on the Portugal day. This say all about this Nazis crimes, this man must be in jail by his crimes