segunda-feira, julho 27, 2015

email enviado hoje pelas 16:59 à ministra da justiça e ao presidente do supremo tribunal

email enviado hoje pelas 16:59 à ministra da justiça e ao presidente do supremo tribunal

Exmas Senhoras,

Pedia o favor de fazer chegar esta correspondência e links à Ministra da Justiça e ao Juiz Presidente do Supremo tribunal.

Na continuada ausência de V. respostas, junto envio novos depoiementos publicos com minhas interpelações ou assuntos especificos decorrentes das anteriores, e dos ecos na imprensa, alguns dos quais aqui mencionados, protagonizados pela Ministra da Justiça 

continuo a aguardar as respostas que me são devidas a mim e a meu filho por lei

Paulo Forte

992 M 27 07 2015 in this video the middle figure between the two NY towers among other matters and crimes

two images and a figure, the Pancho, the middle pillar figure and first correspondence

This will be approached after with more detail, namely in the video 992 M 27 07 2015.

The figure of the advertising on the top of an building that by the frame of the draw, correspond to the "middle pillar!

Also more two pub on the top of the buildings, that do not allow by the dimension to be understood, one of course as to do with coke, and seems the "canon of Manassas" figure

The lines of the draw of the tempest element on the cover, seems also reproduce with very similitude the outline of the figure on the Japoneze panels, the "Ninja"

the van, was also reflect on the images of Obama coming out of the TV comic show, as also comment on the next video

a demand to witness in next October 2015 concerning a process that i do not know

This document was delivered to me last week at Calvary police station of  at Lisbon, as all can see, the fields with the police identification without uniform that inside the station delivered to me,  are not fulfill, I´m asking if this is not again a trick pass. Also by the date to the inquiry, that i do not about what, because i´m not a witness but a complain, and as all know, concerning my many complaints during all these years I do not have any answers. There are also some stress lines in blue pen, and of course the name and the email, seems a contradiction in terms.  Possibly this are the normal pressure crimes. This will be comment in the next video, the 902 M