sexta-feira, julho 31, 2015

993 M 31 07 2015

4 frames from the above video that shows a true or a false true

the video under was also cut by the terrorist, the 992 M , and in the next video there are explanations and complementary information's around what they had stole and the possible meaning of a complex inducted and well prepared lecture also with the image of Obama in the news here in Portugal as show in the upper video, the 993 M , some of this frames have as you can see, the time reference concerning the time line on the video. This frames whore yesterday robbed as accounted in the above post.

Also the same crime occurs concerning the first editing of the video above, the 993 M, as also explained on the video itself, because i notice 

these reflex of these two figures, mirror the image of Obama as explained on the upper video