quarta-feira, agosto 05, 2015

994 M 04 08 2015

the originals of this video whore immediately robber in the transfer at the garden of the science university, perhaps by the security man, a small yellow house, at the entrance. then i copy the takes  again and i succeed to do a first encoding, today when i opened the pc, there was not more there, the video. then i started encoding again, and the had already scripts that do not allow the encoding in mpeg 4. finally I redo the video in windows format, but as all can see, the also change or adulterated  the codecs.

of course there are important facts on this video, namely an operation that had fall a Russian helicopter, is true the news, that are also comment on the manuscripts pages published under, and i suppose all this effort concerning these particular images, is because they have already another version that after they will replace for the video that i´m uploading just now, at least this is the normal detected criminal ways.

indeed here in the shop where i´m trying to upload, the page says that the video is already processed but still do not appear any image of the video.

at the end of this new video, the 994, i say that the anterior had a certain length, that is also different, at least apparently from the length of the version that is online, this seems point again manipulation of all the evidences, that touch very important crimes, like London bombs and tsunami 2005.the length of the video is also different from one of my version that i still have at this moment

i suppose this is again a NATO act, by the account that is given on the video with the act of the NATO military that lives on the building, after the crash of the Russian helicopter.

also in this video now upload, I suppose whore more images concerning the other helicopter that was hovering above the center cit last Saturday, as understandably by the manuscript notes

the video upload now mus have as length  2 hours, 2 minutes,  something.

It also seems again that when minister of justice appears actively participating on these "mis en scene", airplanes and now helicopters fall, the last one was the  Swiss Alpes one, her recently saying on the newspaper comment by me, that she will go until the end with the PM, seems correspond to go until the floor, like the helicopter

I demand the immediately criminal persecution of this criminals!

just now the image of the video uploaded appear, but I can  not confirm, at least for this time,  if was not adulterated meanwhile, 

some kiss to you with as normally other deeply meanings by beautiful musicians and composers


namely concerning horses of waters, a detail on the japoneze panels