terça-feira, agosto 18, 2015

999 M 17 08 2015 some more comments on recent aspects and facts

notes on the pattern and symbol on the japoneze panels, the intermitent network, possible connections with child abuse or robber

some forms and symbols from the 91 92 album, London bombs among other disgraces, and a detail on the church on the center of lisbon

the form and symbol in the door of the church, as explained in recent videos and in the one today's published , the 999M 

two photos, the uppers one, from the album 91/92, the shooting of the spot to the Lisbon council, "faz-me festas em lisboa", in my studio at time, latina europa, and the forms that are already approached and explained and correlated in recent videos, the Seebeck,the Maconde statue,the hidden figure, the "rails" on wood, image obama angela merkel at DE summit, obama at the African summit, the cross, the cruxifications, the wings, the broken wings, and others lines that also include the j f Kennedy assassination 

Seebeck, or sebek, "the Egyptian god with dog head " in the wall of a camdowntown coffee in London in 91/92

also a slide show with the same photos, upper guitar legends as explained on the upper video