quinta-feira, agosto 20, 2015

1000 M 18 08 2015 namelly about a recent obama image if true

in this video a comment on a new sequence of images apparently from obama, after my last two comments with him, the africam summit line and after in cm, the kazoo, kabul, helicopters, and faster computers, that even seems had a connection with the crime described on this video, that they have done in my house, pre anounced on bus by teens and even in the CM, under the usual criminal mystifications about another news around the mirror image of socrates case, that he had, we presume in the prison of ebola, and not evora, aquire a technical degree, or something in the similar manbos jambos, but that by the facts itself, hereby present aquire also again a criminal facet

another photo from the same french magazine, with a curious detail

the last time that the nazi president cavaco silva was in france, according to a phot published in pt newspapers, apparently he was received by mr. hollande, and the phto of both had a particular ressonance with another photo of this beatifull lady, some years ago, the one that was at a certaim point sell in sothebys in london in an auction, here we see her, black and white taking a shower like a "gazela", an african animal, on the shower, this lady that had come to my analyze large years ago, by another pohto and a detail, the "pearls collar neck", an important image and symbol, many time present around the fall of the NY tow, like for instance, in charlize dior pub 

another interresting photo of joe berardo, in the same magazine, also connected with the sub lines of islands and banks crimes, and corruption with public moneys at ccb, I suppose by the facts that are in public domain