segunda-feira, agosto 24, 2015

1002 M 22 08 2015

others video namelly a repeaetd extract of the video 1000 already published because the terrorist had suceeed to create sound problems namelly around the Dell lecture, will be published later, because this shop in front at castilho is closing in four minutes

the others pages, of the same document published in the anterior post, that by the crime during this publishing, can have been meanwhile adulterated

this pages , 7, seven, whore upload in the blooger application just now, 18:55, and when i select them to publish as it is the normal procedure, they do not publish, then is higlhy probably that they had already change the originals and of course some os the paragraphs at leats, I demand the immediate arrest of this criminal peoples 

the first pages of a letter to obama and to all, that i cant publish the others pages because the terrorist are doing a crime of impeachment

3 photos os the album 91/92 that will be explained on the upper manuscripts pages and in the video todays published, a kind of obama last tv news comments continuation

another photos of the same french magazine within the recent video conversation with cameron, great britain pm

strange this may be, the baby seems more a 3d model with very shinning eyes like a kind of cyborgue pearhaps asking goog milk, is approached also in the video today published, the lady in the page seems similar to emmanuelle beart

just be the nero gesture of berlusconi, among the italian contexts

 who would say that this boy will became the usa president?
and of course the first fist bump, also a not farway line with prince albert and charlene

the strange case of the two invoice os cash converter as accounted on recent video

that seems even be connected with the alentejo sub lines, also the street name, says in this always trick ways, "hercules lam amo"