terça-feira, agosto 25, 2015


the terrorists are again impeaching the viewing of the master 1002, that i had up load just now, the same fake message saying that the player html do not work on this browser, also do not appear on goggle explorer. this crime is even show in this video, perhaps one of the reason among other to this crime of impeachment

the tsunami image prepared on the album 91 92

in recent video I show what seems a signature reflex on the orient bridge expo Lisbon, after my comments on Maria  Elisa show at RTP, with the man from the visa chip and others from, I dream,.

these two photos on the album done by Cristina Coutinho at 91 92, during the shooting of the spot to the council of Lisbon, shows a fracture, and a story on the fire truck, an elevation, a bull, a lady, and also the Toyota sub line,

1002 M 22 08 2015 this is the second upload that i suppose will work in all it length as explained on

1003 M 23 08 2015, an extract of a recent video with what seems a prepared lecture on the electrical train that still puzzles me

1001 M 22 03 2015, this is a re editing of a part of the video 1000 M, already published that had

problems on audio, due the constant crimes they committed against my works, namely with the takes shoot on the Toshiba camera. the original uploaded master, the 1000M, had been also target with other technical pass, crimes, like alteration of proportions, and head informations

the first upload with the other parts of this video, under at this link, 

problems on the 1002 master under, it stop more or less around 50 m , i will try

to upload it again, with a version that is working at least on my pen. yesterday when after the upload i see it at home from the pen, the problem whore also in this copy.

1.rectification 1: some of the photos yesterday upload, i state that they whore from Paris Match, but not only, also from the Point de Vue, another French magazine, like for instance the photo with Cameron.

2. rectification 2 : which i do not know indeed if must be understood as a lapsus linguistic, by the possible value, when in recent video, AXA assurances, i remember the analyse on JF Kennedy assassination, I say at a certain moment, the day before, when Ted was in Dallas, but i do not have memory that Ted was at Dallas in the days before of the visit, where JF was murdered, which means, if true this fact, can be significant, the context was the existence of the poster at Dallas, that connected the "Corno" of Angola and his death

3.concerning the 7 manuscripts pages also yesterday uploaded, i remember that the PAC id, come first from my analyse of the Visão magazine 6, by an article already published, with the title, a shoot on the PAC, common European agriculture politics with the face of two man, and one, the one with glasses, was him, or a very similar to him display in the "mis en scene" at lisbon, the day before the fall of the plane, in the street of her majesty shop, as also approached again in part on these last pages published about the manuscript.

4. remembering also from where came the notion, concept and facts, about the middle pillar, or by others words, the premonitory dream with Monica Lapa at NY 87, also published in the sea matters blogspot where the analyse of the fall is