sexta-feira, agosto 28, 2015

once again what point crimes of adulteration

today, 18:02, some already large minutes ago, when trying to up load the manuscripts pages published on the sea matters blog. link two posts under in this page, the number 8, page number, did not up load complete when i had try, more them one time, just ( JS) up load when I connect the camera to record the problem, as normal, perhaps they have done this to erase some records on the camera at the same time or to change some paragraphs or even letters on the manuscript notes.

I still insist that these peoples must be present to a court!

returning to the image of the throne correlations between the image on the album 91 92 and the one visible in the dust at NY towers fall

the Entre Rios bridge fall key as explained in recent video comments, that also link one of the attempts to murder me in the north