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1006 M 04 09 2015

1009 M 07 09 2015 1009 M 07 09 2015 Sunday criminal pass, waters, fire mans and impeachment

today in my blog Sea Matters

Today on sea matters blog,

1.  a jpeg from the opening dialog box on the magix easy HD Germany editing video, that shows a father with an elevated child, that as accounted in recent extracts published in the same blog,is puzzling me fro some years, in the sense that the young boy is very similar to Gaby younger brother. Gaby worked with me at Latina Europa and then TVI. Also as accounted maybe two years ago, this man, or a similar one, appear at my eyes taking the bus at Alcantara. this is accounted on my videos statement at time. This fact emerge again during the actual line of analyse concerning the spot to the Lisbon council at 91/92 , on the albums 91 92

2. A recent crime recent again approached in videos statements 995 M  , AXA french assurances, where i mention in two video, the first one in the link under, the persecution  acts done by the injunction court of Porto and AXA, today i published in the blog documents of support, two letters that correspond to one of this crimes, one from the court of injunction, and another one from a lawyer that represent AXA at time .  In these persecution crimes AXA assurances an injunction court of Porto, appear a possible connection with tuy, or Tua, the trains crash.

3. Also at Sea matters blog, some more micro sequences based on images and closeups of the album 91 92, spot scene at Alameda Afonso Henriques.

148. a mirror image done by Maria Elisa at RTP program around the death of princess Diana with this mine previous sequence of photos with Ester Mestre

this sequence of photos from the 80 s, as been mirrored in RTP program done by Maria Elisa around a recent, some years ago, memory on princess Diana death , by another photography, taken by a Portuguese photographer, that had shoot princess Diana. Theses facts are accounted on my book of life, but return again in these last manuscript sequence published in previous posts, and had some development in these last years, namely some of them connecting Germany elections and the opposite candidate of Angela Merkel. Also connects figures on the croma wall, that are correlated with London bombs, namely, at the time of Gaspar as ex pt finances minister, the phantom and the sorcerer and also by extension, Visao 96 magazine, the bridge pillar dilatation and consequently NY towers fall. this will be again summarize in next part of my manuscript, the actual one. As all can see, the terrorist had suceed to kaput my scanner, yesterday



151. images concerning S doming Church, Beslan and towers killing, and a detail from the album 91 92 that also links this subjects

152. another sequence blows spot 91 92 and a connection with church s domingos and by extension killings, beslan, NY

in this blog, ouro sobre, four new videos published, 1006,1007, 1008 and 1009

1007 M 05 09 2015

1008 M 06 09 2015 a kiss to you, to not rush your orgasm on a Bavarian BMW pub kind of replay

just now at Kumar shop, 6.02 PM the terrorist had succeed to erase from

pc desktop and i suppose also from the YouTube page , one of the today's upload videos, the 1007 M. I must return to spend almost an hour!!!!