terça-feira, setembro 15, 2015

1010 Md 11 09 2015

todays publishing summary

Still going on the crimes of impeachment, robber of information an adulterations

1. the text published in the point 151 at 07 09 2015, link under
have been stole after my publishing.

This text had a part concerning the killing at Beslan, Russia, and a relation, the vase or calix, like the one represented in the last photo on this post on the church of Queluz, the baptism of the son of Ana and Saraiva, by the African laces on the child's that are on the image. 


2. perhaps there will be other robber of informations concerning last publications, but  I can t verify now

3. today's I publish a new video master . the 1010 M , that speaks among many subjects about 911 

4. and some new points at sea matters blog, 

account on the video today published at my main blog , http://ourosobreazul.blogspot.pt , the 1010 M

namely my English passport crimes, that are also remembered on the upper video 

my scan still do not working properly, as all can understand by the scans under

why I publish this passport scans?

by a detail , the moustache, that links another one on Alameda sequence , making the spot to the Lisbon council, album 91 92. indeed is similar to the fire man that is in the crane cage.

5. Also at sea matters blog, another post with some more important blows up on album 91 92 photos to understand the adulterations and what is the story behind


this will be understood when I rich to publish the rest of the text