quinta-feira, setembro 17, 2015

todays post

1. I´m  still with some pulmonary infection due these constant attempt to murder me

2. I will published today 3 videos, the 1011 15 09 2015, a question to Angela Merkel and to all

3. the 1012 07 09 2015, about some news in Portugal, two films, and others criminals details, like another two deaths in Quinta do Patino near Lisbon, at CM  newspaper;that seems connected with the Turkic matters

4. at sea matters blogspot, some more pages of my manuscript. My scan still do not work, and I`m digitalizing this pages on the shop, this is very expensive to me

pag  44 to 50
link under

5. An extract kiss in HD at my blog kiss, better will be to extract then in your lips