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1060 M 20 01 2016 the flame on the the church, the robber of my son

new manuscript pages published at SEA MATTERS

pages 762 to 813.

when uploading these pages, i started record the window session and the terrorists had done the same trick, the recording disappear and during the uploading some pages do not charge as usual in the uploading s. Now at least all the pages seems be in order after check.


in this moment 28 01 2016, 6.47 pm at Lisbon, none of the videos work in my pages of sea matters and this blog also in Firefox. in the google it works, this means that perhaps they had change the video contents

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Segundo diz a America, o ra da vera do instituto da justica, dos nazis, certamente


Segundo diz a America, o ra da vera do instituto da justica, dos nazis, certamente

da criminosa advogada envolvida no roubo de meu filho

proof of redirecting and impeachment of at least one of my blogs


this time I have recorded the screen to allow all to see it well. this is a proved behind any reasonable doubt. I WONT THESE PEOPLES PRESENT TO A COURT.

This video do not have sound, I just see it now and I suppose that they had also succeed to change it, the speed that we see on the images when they are uploading is not the same that , happens here in this connection to the internet that I m using now. I suppose that they change this particular aspect on the video, to disguise the abnormal time during the upload  that is integrate part of the technical the process of robbing and adulterating the documents that i m uploading and namely the originals. Also we do not see the number reference to the pages, that is visible in the application, and i suppose this aim, to disguise the ones that they will do precisely adulteration's and then replace the originals that they precisely target

235.manuscript pages 673 to 720

New  manuscript pages 673 to 720 published at SEA MATTERS


Concerning the crimes of persecution trough Montalegre taxes authorities and Public Attorney

link to the documents in the title above

As explained in the video ref, 1048 M 07 01 2015 crimes of persecution made by the public attorney, this is for a side a repeated crime of persecution from the AT Taxes and Public Attorney.

The first crime was an attempt of robber in the approximate amount of 4000 euros some years ago concerning what they start to claim to be the existence of fiscal debts in one of my companies in the north of Portugal, SIM, a curious acronym that also means military services of information, or secret military services.

At the end of the exchange letters, they sent a final one concerning this attempt of robber, saying that indeed there was not any debt, but as show and published, they had write my name as PAQULO, or by the phonetic value, PAQ which also means, PAC, vase first one ass.

As all know this acronym is connected with acts of international terrorism, namely, Visao magazine lines 96, where refer to the agriculture common politic with a title, they give a shoot on the PAC. One of the men in this article, O Rey, appears to my eyes in the night, HM shop sub line, before the shooting of the first of four planes in Russia, the one that carries the OMS delegation.

Before that PAC appears also in Obama garden party during the Brazil Mundial football championship.

This crime thought the PGR, is also a cover attempt of all these facts and crimes, and is similar to another one, concerning my complaint against the companies registry at Av. Fontes Pereira de Melo at Lisbon, as explained, which means the procedure crimes the same, they mix subjects, a miner one, and them, are trying to archive the process. By this reason, this is also a recurrent crime done by PGR, and reinforces the suspicion of they active participation on crimes of international terrorism.

As also remembered on the upper mentioned video, there is a fact from 2007, that also connects the headquarters of PGR in Lisbon, at the time of Pinto Monteiro as public attorney, with the falloff this plane, by Holland connections and facts, the red light sub line and the mi en scene done at Lisbon at that time by foreigner on boats, that I suppose whore from Holland.

Socrates, ex PM is again on the table, as I comment in a more recent video, he have interests on this region, then this raise the suspicion that these crimes of persecutions are ordered or done by peoples that serve him.

Al the case was present and sent to PGR as criminal complaint at time, by register letter with all the detailed information.

As all can see, the letter take a lot of rain inside my bag, a strange rain, just after they had impeach me to put on line a video, Hilda and Rango, from Anais nin, after the upload. The video have a liquid effect, and I suppose that the terrorist had succeeded to provoke a rain with some passes done at least with the video. Video ref, Hilda and Rango, reading Anais Nin at your absence in the middle of some bombs, from the day 03 01 2016.  The bombs that I’m here speaking are the ones at Paris. The video is already online for some days. By what I had understand, someone at least had change the contrast values on the video, but of course this is I suppose just a part of the heavy, suddenly and short rain.

Paulo forte
13 01 2016

Proof of the existence of two AXA assurances, before the apparent merge of both

link on the title above

As all can understand by the parts of my actual manuscript already published at SEA MATERS, recently during the write analyze of some Russian tragedies like the killing in Beslan School, two helicopters had fall, one in Russia and another one at Arcos de Valdez in Portugal. There was as all know again a very well prepared operation of mis en scene at the same time of these events, that as usual no authority had answer until now. These sophisticate pass had include a lot of tricky documents namely during an attempt of murder against me, an apparent new assurance from AXA. 
These documents under published prove what I had remembered to all concerning the previous existence of two assurances on this field. Copies of the AXA annual declaration in three fallow years 98, 99 and 2000. Of course this is also connects with a lot of different crimes as explained on my manuscript, namely French killings.

Under I published 6 scans concerning AXA statements about these assurances, numbers, 125 942 and 124 943, life assurances contracts

These subjects are also target of a recent comment ref video, 

Paulo forte
13 01 2016

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1053 09 01 2016 a movie inside a crisis movie, to jolie and brad

1052 M 08 01 2016 the constant crimes of adulteration and robber during you tube upload

this video was upload last session, which means, last time that i was here at Vodafone Prior do Crato doing uploads, but the succeed again to still the video as I remark today when now arriving. this is a proof of the constant crimes of robber, adulteration and impeachment, I demand these peoples present to a court

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a video kiss in my kiss blog

1051 M 08 01 2016 FiFA and others crimes, and a kiss to Angelina new movie

1050 M 07 01 2016 extract, daily basis hell crimes during a decade

1049 M 07 01 2015 concerning the NY 911 Throne figure and others details

1048 M 07 01 2015 crimes of persecution made by the public attorney

1047 M 07 01 2016 concerning the destruction of tsunami evidences at my home, NATO man knows

1045 e 1046 M 23 12 2015