quinta-feira, maio 26, 2016

and a kiss to you

another tale, not from telecoms, but from Anais Nin, a model.

a kiss to Ban Kin moon and to ONU

about new energy plans , the photosynthesis, and the potato usb charger as approached on the last video published. as you can see Ban Kin moon, there are good gesture of hands that produces clean and renewal energy without any kind of damage for the planet and some times also made grow flowers and evens plants  

2 version 1090 master video as explained on the post under

today posts

1. at sea matters blog, new manuscript pages

286. manuscript pages from 1324 to 1437. as you can confirm in the last post the pages number go until 1323. i just remark now, and i suppose that these terrorists had change the number if not other pages

2. some support images concerning the last video under published, the 1090 

the Japanese doors like at my home in actor João Rosa
The clock on the girl arm and the connection with the Sony play memories notifications,
The cone or vortex symbol on the hand of the massage

3.  new version of the video 1090 M with a shoot of the lady of the Y ONI, telecom company tales, that also allows to see if adulterations, publish upper this post

segunda-feira, maio 16, 2016

1090 M 16 05 2016

crimes at my home, some Socrates news, Fernanda Cancio and essencialy a conversation with Ban Kin Moon from ONU, by a photo of him in a PT newspaper cover .1.57.29

domingo, maio 01, 2016

1082 M 01 05 2016

remembering some facts that still without awnsers

as I say here in this video at 25 10 2013, this was the last time until this moment that I saw my son, if was my son, and not a one more trick crimes of the psychiatric s involved in this crime with the agreement of my father, must I also presume, because he do not tell me nothing about. this show how they are indeed twisted and perverted as Nazis are in their crimes, and also reinforce what I suspect, that they also have my father in their hands from the beginning of the robber of my son. Many accounted facts on the past prove this statement

By is high, almost mine, at 13 years of age, I suppose that was not him, and also by the face. More strange this had come at that point, because some days after my mother said to me, that the son of Vasco Geraldes has been target of aggression on the school and that they had broken is nose.

Further tries of contact with him, Vasco Geraldes, and recent in the lawyer line also coming from my father, finances persecutions, I had try also to contact his brother, João, and as accounted, also some strange facts arisen as accounted on video

I still insist in the immediate intervention of the European criminal court
I still insist in the immediate intervention of the European criminal court