sexta-feira, setembro 23, 2016

connections between the video with Durão news, Amatrice and the Templars, painting of Lima de Freitas

 upper the link to some photos of Amatrici tragedy published in this blog

Amatrice tem 208 dos 268 mortos causados pelo sismo 

this one  makes the connection with the upper detail on the paiting of Lima de Freitas, upper photo

Resultado de imagem

The details, on the city, upper photo  also makes the connection with the fallow down frames from the clip with the RTP news at time of Durão Barroso EC Presidency  

this are the two previous links important to understand the story line at my blog that still impeach by the terrorist the acess, appears a message that says, only by invitations, seeting that i did not chose


the video under as all can see in the initial claquete had a total running time of 60:06 and in the upload version that is published under they cut it again and have only a total time of 48:44. then there are missing almost 11 minutes. this reinforce the importance of this contents and they adulteration s

I canot check now on line the adulteration, i just published some key frames, 16 that pearhs can allow all to check


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