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Remembering my accusation against Mr Junker, president of EC

Remembering my accusation against Mr Junker, president of EC

Fallowing my last text, must then I share with all, the next logical deduction concerning the sequence of images statements act by him with Durão Barroso.

Before Mr Junker clapping hands to Mr Durão Barroso, he also appeared on a Portuguese cover of a newspaper saying that in his opinion Mr Durão was a Lobbyist man.

Lobbyist is a very strange and sometimes undefined term, because in essence speaks about reunion, or gathering mans, namely by good causes that we citizens hope to promote good actions within the law.

The first question that arise, his them, what translate to us all, this two-step sequence of Mr Junker concerning Mr Durão?

An undefined term, that normally goes both sides, because if I remember well, exists some acts that can be considered lobbyism that are according the laws also crimes.

Them a joint photo, where Durão seems crying after a public speech and Mr Junker by side clapping hands, not forgetting that the first step of Mr Junker actual sequence, was a very strange statement just after one more earth shake.

Is this applause of Junker concerning a public confession of Durão, and if so, relative to what subject, his first statement, or even the eventual responsibility of 
Durão on this earth shake in Italy?

Not knowing also because was not clear and define on the news, it seems that the sum is an act from Mr Junker to pass a sponge on the back of Mr Durão.

He raise a question with a term that is undefined, that allow Durão, eventually to contradict by telling a lie, and then he clap hands to him, like suggesting to us, that after all, Durão is innocent.

But if the question raised by Mr Junker in his first appearance was if Durão was guilty of some bad behaviour, undefined, that eventually can be consider crime, what is in reality the crime that he charge him first?

Must I remember all and Mr Junker, that as prove, before his statement concerning Durão, at the systematic absence of answers in the last more than 10 years concerning many crimes, including the robber of my son, if alive, I had remember in my actual manuscript published at, one of my accusations delivered to European Criminal Court some years ago, against Durão, where I charge him, not in an undefined way of lobbyism, but as responsible of a crime against the Portuguese republic and the state of law, of state infiltration and corruption, by having nominate a few thousand peoples in the three only months that we was PM of Portugal before assuming the function of EC Presidency, and I still do not have any answers from the courts neither at European level, nor the Portuguese’s ones, that are also aware of his crime and by the absence of answer also can be by the law considered accomplices.

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