quinta-feira, outubro 06, 2016

crime of impeachment or worst, terrorist and eventualy thief

why this email that appears as a blogger account, cnelascavaco455@gmail.com, had the criminal possibility to put my videos published at my blog ourosobreazul.blogspot.pt in restricted mode, and at you tube page, appears the reference that to take th restricted mode, I must sign with his password?

i can I sign with his password?
seems more the contrary if this criminal have this possibility.

also all my link of my others blogs from the main page of the above mentioned blog, had dissaperead. how this is possible?

this is a crime of impeachment

and I would apreciate an awnser

paulo forte
owner of the blog ourosobreazul. blogspot.pt


grabb frames 

i have sent a email to google with this complaints
I would appreciate an awnser
is the second one that I send trought feedback as you call withou awnser until now

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