terça-feira, novembro 22, 2016

1144 M 22 11 2016

these terrorists still have reel time access to all my applications, they even had put a number, 83, during the encoding of this video, i suppose to account one more manbo jambo or something like this.

I wont these peoples present to a court

I demand authorities answers to put an end to these crimes!!!

perhaps they had already change some content also in the upload video

some details of the cover with Great Britain Queen and the criminal president of the Portuguese republic, cover of news papers in the beginning of this video, namely the candles on the mirror also mirror a detail that I had previously recorded on my Toshiba camera on the scene of the movie "Contract of Loups" with Monica Bellucci 

yesterday during the night again some one all the nigth doing small bangs on the ceiling upper my main room,

my actual manuscript writing goes now on page 2279, and Japan analyze is almost concluded 

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