quarta-feira, dezembro 28, 2016

princess leila and star wars was on the table, by many reasons, some of them criminal

1. This theme is inside my analyze about japan tsunami 2011, ( manuscript part that is not published and was interrupt by all these criminals mis en scenes from already the month of August this year, and perhaps by my recent account they had access or even robber during the so call hurry works on the kitchen with phone number of Nicole Kidman to make fall planes ).

2. last week following the recent fact that I had call, the horse president ( i m referring to the actual criminal president of the Portuguese republic) and the Queen of Great Britain ( cover of DN as i show on a video), as is being all the images that he is acting on pt news, after the one last comment on the robber of images on my work about japan, the more recent one that i catch, was him, with a not so happy face as usual with the hand on a the shoulder of a chair with some engraved metal draws, as apparently I must suppose he was inviting all the poor s and homeless child's to dinner with him at Belen palace. 

3. Then must I suppose that an old alliance with Great Britain is working well, because in this photo mis en scene of the actual horse president, I also can see as usual in this country in the Nazis hands that no one answer a father concerning a missing child from 2006, in this particular photo, a suggestion concerning a them already present in his photo with the Queen of Great Britain, and even in the rests of the base of my closet, that as many know, I call the English Grand Father closet, and integrate my analyzes around London bombs.

This was again a very prepared pass done by many, as can be even see in today Correio de Manha, in the sports section, namely by two photos with cups, one act by the actual Dragons president Pinto da Costa that is holding one by the wing in a percentile axe, and this reflect the illegal and criminal knowledge of all my acts at my own home, because in this last Sunday, when i had return to home, there was on my table two gifts and a note, apparently from my mother, but that i suspect is forgery. I will scan this note if possible. the two gifts was a pullover and 3 pieces of dishes japan style, one a cup with a wing as normally the all have, not so japan style, but with a saying, forever young or something in the kind, a profound and black irony, for a man that is subject to a Nazi crime for the last ten years of his life!

And of course i take the pull and the japan dishes, and I broke the cup, and today just now on the coffer seeing the terrorist newspaper CM, there is Pinto da Costa with a cup on his hand smiling a lot, the perversity of all these Nazis fuckers is tremendous 

4. the value of the detail of the horse criminal republic president, and the connection with the rest of the English closet, and another element they all know that is also on my table, a photo of Madonna on the bed with ears of mouse, makes the obvious connection with the hair of Carrie, the former Leila princess that seems by the news be death in a flight between USA and GB.

perhaps they have already stole this photo magazine where is this photo of Madonna, witch also means as all know by the draws on the japan panels, one of the figures that is present there, that i had call, first, Spirou, and a kind a papa formigas. the values of this figure are far explained in previous analyze published at sea matters   

Must then I present a criminal complaint by suspicion of illegal entrance in my house and robber, and forgery if the case, to Pinto da Costa or someone that he knows.

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