domingo, abril 10, 2016

1075 M 09 04 2016

The only video that I suceed to upload today, the 1075 M 09 06 2015. This video must have 1 h 36m.
among the subjects that are refered on the head, also some comments on recent image last week, of presidente Dilma

one again the terrorisst had suceed to impeach the up load of the video master 1072 M 31 03 2016 2 version

 with the material that they had re edit in the first version and new takes. I have try to up load twice, they start to strangle the connection, then the connection goes down and i suppose just pass 40 per cent of the video. I will try to upload sooner. Was you can understand so much criminal efforts have heigth reasons !!!

just now 10 04 2016, crime of impeachment and perhaps robber and adulteration during the upload

of the video that was before adulterated by the terrorists. Around 5.00 pm, the connection  was slow on purpose through the Google browser, which  normally allows the terrorist to still the entire video, that after re edit and replace on my page

a beautiful lady, a kiss, and i suppose some attempt of framing as I will explain in further video

crimes of adulteration, robber of information, attempt of murder, and impeachment in last video

the last video under, as can be understand was cut and adulterated by the terrorists . I demand these peoples present to a court! 

1072 M 31 03 2016