quinta-feira, setembro 01, 2016

1123 M 01 09 2016 another day at devils paradise

this video as an account on the constant communications crimes within the major impeachment crime against my defense, the defense of my son and my criminal accusations against many. as many time proven this is my daily inferno made by many terrorists in these last more then ten years that this crime is going on.

whoever as again I explained namely ion the last part of this video, these are axial question to al in the world for freedom, liberty, human rights and all the daily life fields.

I  have succeed to edit this program on the internet shop. between more or less seven to 14 minutes there is a take from other sub line, that will be comment after, if i SUCCEED TO PUT MY PC WORKING PROPERLY

of course all these efforts of impeachment are a detected and proven pattern many time during all these years and arisen also at the moment of tragedy's, as also briefly comment on this video, namely, Japan and Italy

I demand answers according the laws from all, and the fully respect of my rights and the rights of my son.