sábado, setembro 03, 2016

the sofistication on (pn) these constant crimes of impeachment

today saturday i spend more then 5 hours trying to install all the system (min) my pc.

of course the terrorists notice already at the second that i was comming out of my home to try to do these instalation on the internet shop.

they sicnronized many errors during the instalation of some aplications, namely i had to re install 3 times today the windows 7, and they are expert on these crimes, wich means that they know exactly how many time I will spend if they produce by smart phones an by the two networks, that i today used, pt telecom and vodafone

now at 19h PM,  i m trying to upload two videos and the boy in the second shop says to me that they must leave early, wich is always very convinient and they obey to them.

them these terrorist have already a premiere of my videos and others originals, that they also suceed to erase yesterday during the nigth.

I wont an end to these crimes
and these peoples present to the court