sexta-feira, setembro 23, 2016

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1131 M 23 09 2016 the Angel wing on the sky and a non existent wirelles board

my first question after suceed to create a Kaspersky acount , if the site is the true one

My first question is this one.

I just apparently if not re directly finally open an account at Kaspersky.

There whore two questions,  country and language.

My OS 7 64 is installed in this moment in English

Your first field says, Portugal, that indeed correspond to the country where I’m now

The second one was apparently inactive, which means I cannot chose any langue from the location that our site attributed to me

Will this cause problem on technical support?

Second question and must important

I have already sent to you a report of system information generated through your application

I do not have a constant wire connection to internet
And I had remove the wireless boar on my Samsung series E 300

Then some or many have a redundant wireless system that allows them to enter my applications and still and adulterated my documents and settings

HOW CAN I PUT AN END TO THIS whit the antivirus and register editor

Third question, is my Kaspersky installation original one?

A strange question I know specially if I’m not connects to the official page of my Kaspersky account,
but I remark that apparently some menus are not the same display in your page concerning my Kaspersky product.

For the moment I rest here

Just sent to you some link, a video in my blog with my actual installation of your if yours antivirus

1130 M 09 09 2016 account on informatics shopping day at Media Markel, and Worten, Lisbon

Where I buy the second Kaspersky disk

Crime of impeachment at Kaspersky page to create an account

Crime of impeachment at Kaspersky page to create an account

I have more but I suppose this will give all you a fair picture of the kind of problems that I’m dealing

Best regards

Waiting for your reply

Paulo Forte

vogue, the original version with 1H 41 m

if meanwhile not cut by the terrorists that seems afraid of some parts of this contence, as can be understood in the last post explanation about this crime of impeachment if not worst.

As all know the sequence on this video where I gave a dream account with french matters, was been target of some mis en scenes in Lisbon in my day of informatc shopping ant CC Colombo, that is accounted on a video under publisehd but is portuguese. Of course this complex mis en scene also mingle others subjects like the 911.

the cut version of this video,


link of the account with the mis en scene at CC Colombo
domingo, setembro 11, 2016

1130 M 09 09 2016 account on informatic shopping day at Media Markel, and Worten,

this video was also cached by the terrorists , at leas do not appear when open all september page


quinta-feira, setembro 01, 2016

1123 M 01 09 2016 another day at devils paradise

this video as an account on the constant communications crimes within the major impeachment crime against my defense, the defense of my son and my criminal accusations against many. as many time proven this is my daily inferno made by many terrorists in these last more then ten years that this crime is going on.

whoever as again I explained namely ion the last part of this video, these are axial question to al in the world for freedom, liberty, human rights and all the daily life fields.

I  have succeed to edit this program on the internet shop. between more or less seven to 14 minutes there is a take from other sub line, that will be comment after, if i SUCCEED TO PUT MY PC WORKING PROPERLY

of course all these efforts of impeachment are a detected and proven pattern many time during all these years and arisen also at the moment of tragedy's, as also briefly comment on this video, namely, Japan and Italy

I demand answers according the laws from all, and the fully respect of my rights and the rights of my son.

still the crime of impeachment to enter my blog sea matters

connections between the video with Durão news, Amatrice and the Templars, painting of Lima de Freitas

 upper the link to some photos of Amatrici tragedy published in this blog

Amatrice tem 208 dos 268 mortos causados pelo sismo 

this one  makes the connection with the upper detail on the paiting of Lima de Freitas, upper photo

Resultado de imagem

The details, on the city, upper photo  also makes the connection with the fallow down frames from the clip with the RTP news at time of Durão Barroso EC Presidency  

this are the two previous links important to understand the story line at my blog that still impeach by the terrorist the acess, appears a message that says, only by invitations, seeting that i did not chose


the video under as all can see in the initial claquete had a total running time of 60:06 and in the upload version that is published under they cut it again and have only a total time of 48:44. then there are missing almost 11 minutes. this reinforce the importance of this contents and they adulteration s

I canot check now on line the adulteration, i just published some key frames, 16 that pearhs can allow all to check