domingo, setembro 25, 2016

the angel wing and two X after in the next morning after doing this draw that mix the real mage of the wing show in recent video and a detail, the arm of a Lima de Freitas painting

i suppose that he terrorist that had acess to my work on this pc, have done some art with this image that was done during the veil, and next morning on the sky more or less in the behind the axe of the rear buildings apper two , X

first anwser from Kaspersky assistance if true and replay

Thank you for the

A) In regards to your Kaspersky Account (, we can see that it is already set in UK-English. this is also verified by the fact that your technical request came to the English department. If the menus within your Kaspersky Account are still in Portuguese, please let us know.If your Log-in page is presented in Portuguese, simply scroll down until you see a Language change option at the bottom right-hand side. If it is in Portuguese, please change it in English and then log-in.

The only issue that could occur if the Kaspersky Account is in a different "locale", is that when yo are sending an e-mail to Technical Support, this e-mail will go to the corresponding country department.

B) In regards to "redundant wireless system that allows some people to enter your system" please clarify what the case is. If you have observed any strange behavior in your system, please provide a detailed description along with a screenshot if the issue is visually represented. The “How to take a screenshot” guide is available here:
If a screenshot is not possible, then provide us a picture taken with your mobile phone or camera.

C) We can see that you have a Kaspersky Total Security Activation Code which is legal and has already been used to activate your Total Security on your systems.
We can see though from your ticket request that you have an older 2015 version installed. Note that you can upgrade cost free to the latest 2017 version as follows:
1. Download the latest 2017 version:
2. Run the downloaded file to initiate the upgrade from 2015 to 2017.
3. Reboot your system to complete the upgrade.
4. Bring up the Kaspersky Interface and click "Update" to update modules and database.
5. Reboot your system after update is complete.

D) In regards to the video links you have submitted to us, unfortunately they are more than 1hour long and we can't go through them to check the issue. A couple of screenshots demonstrating any issue would suffice.

We will be waiting for your feedback.

My answer

First problem that was already detected, your application in the forward link says that is missing the windows service pack 1. i cannot download it, and i had try many times. someone is impeach me to download the service pack, is not already installed and this is a fake message

I also send this frame that apparently is generated from the windows update, where you can see a recommendation to install the service pack 1, but as visible this seems very strange or even fake, in the megabyte description, two different values and very distinct 73 and 892.

The third frame is the system info in my pc, and normally when service pack is installed it appears this information, and as you can see, there no indications that is installed.

Can you verify by the technical report generated and sent to you trough you applications, if service pack is installed or not.

Someone was also made some trick during my installation, with the keypad and I do not have all the normal in my language accents. Is this a malicious script, question.

Which means the Brazilian keypad seems more close to the Portuguese but is not also the Portuguese.


Concerning your B replay, the video in one of the links that I sent to you in my last communication,   this video was also cached by the terrorists , at least do not appear when open all September page  ,shows, a message that appeared when I was inside the register editor within the disk of Kaspersky, trying to disconnect all the wireless software commands, and at a certain moment, it appear, above one register, when I was erasing the one down, a message saying, the windows do not start, which means someone was inside the pc and writing on the register reel time. This is only possible by illegal access, as you know I have remove my wireless boar inside the pc.

i suppose that they are also change the resolution on line in this moment that im uploading these frames, because i see then better on my pc.

Thank you
Waiting for you replay