segunda-feira, setembro 26, 2016

Third email sent to Kaspersky

Dear Sir

1. Is the normal policy of your company to not mention in the communications the name of the one that replay?

2. Perhaps you do not know, but I’m fighting for my rights and the rights of my stolen from then years only son and this crime is a crime of international conspiracy, and perhaps, I presume is not a proper term, because I have comment the appearance of Mr Kaspersky in a Portuguese newspapers, already some years ago, DN, if I remember well, with a strange emotional expression and posture and with a title, that “fit” on a constant crime against me and my research work, and sync with a robber and virus large scale on my drives, his statement if I remember well was, that recovering these files will take years or something in the kind, them for me as a reader, I was puzzling, saying to myself, is this man, an hidden beneficent, that helps me on the shadow without my direct knowledge?
But of course this can be only part of the wicked game that is integrant part of this crime of robber of my son and slavery.

3. Whoever concerning this possible evaluation on Mr Kaspersky, must I also remember a fact around the buy of my first Kaspersky antivirus, in 2015.

Because these crime of robber and adulteration on my defence and accusations are the daily devils 
bread in my life specially after the robber of my son, after buying the antivirus in a shop near PT Telecom headquarters, Chip 7, that is also quoted sometimes around acts of international terrorism like Japan earth shake 2011, I decided to go to the representative office of Kaspersky in Lisbon, Expo, and I find a small office where the lady that attend me did not even allow me to enter and had done some suspicious acts as described in detail at time. One thing was clear at that point, someone that was inside that perhaps is the responsible for the business know me and was afraid that I recognize him and make some possible sums. Perhaps as I explain at time, some connections concerning the killing at Beslan, the Russian school where 200 kids whore death.

Must you agree that an official office of a company that receive customers at the door, and when I as costumer was asking the confirmation of the authenticity of the cd and the key that I had buy, and the lady ask me, to give her the paper with the code, seems very suspicious and the impression that I stayed was that someone inside wonted to have my Kaspersky code.

5. After sending you a second request, with my replay to yours first one in a Vodafone Connection, shop at Av. Prior do Crato, Lisbon, where normally I’m when I arrive home, my replay that I had keep in the same word document, was gone, and this seems say all about protection by your system if yours. Must I remember to you, or perhaps not because apparently you replay come from London that I have present many complaints against Vodafone and I do not have any replay until now, some of them by even suspicious of active participation in international acts of terrorism namely the second tsunami in southwest Asia, the mud one and also the NASA shuttle fall.

6. By these considerations expressed above at the end of the last paragraph must I ask if your company have directly interests on Vodafone that I suppose is British company?

7. Before, when after writing my replay, the one that I had sent to you day 25 09 2016, I copy the texts, yours and my replay and I enter my blog page to make a paste, and a very strange thing happened.

It appears an apparently dialog box from the Google, a kind of interstitial layer, that I can consider a threat, saying only, before sent a complaint to us, or something in the kind, and with a field to put a text or images and my blogger application did not work, which mean, I cannot published or save my text paste, and I can considerer this also a crime of impeachment. This seems now by the recent fact account in detail, became a common process, and can be consider as crimes of induction in the best of possibilities, and I ‘m asking if there is not in these techniques the professional hand of some of the psychiatrics involved on the crime of robber of my son, because during the afternoon navigation, as usual, some other content arise, namely concerning Amatrice, and Aldo Moro death, then must I assume that someone was “fishing” trough all these crimes.

(One detail that can illustrated this, was the constant blinking of the red taskbar in the pc from the shop and a square in the upper left corner, which means, this can be considered at first glance virus, but it is not, these are inductor and even hypnotic techniques made in purpose namely to still and indeed after in the supermarket I remark that one plastic bag that I carried was missing. There was another strange pass on the shop with apparently a French grandfathers that did not speak English and the balcony by ask me to go to the balcony to help. An Alcatel blocked phone and the lady in a hurry because she did not get to rich the suns even by the bedroom phone in the hotel, which seems very bizarre). Perhaps this was the moment of the robber and perhaps they whore trying to robber namely the invoice of buying of informatics products by the pass they have done at CC Colombo and others places just before one more tragedy.)

Then I go out of the blogger application and I paste it again, however, the post did not appear on the browser, just after a while, and perhaps as you know by my complaints in my blogs, many time I suspect that the terrorists maintain me as a kind hostage in a virtual closed space, which means, I published but no one have access, this is also proved in another of my blogs, SEAMATTERS., because I cannot have access to it, as I just explain and prove with the recent publishing where I show he image of the blogger message, saying contrary to what I define, that the blog is just available by invitations.

8. In this point must I again present a complaint against Blogger and Google and Vodafone and eventually third unknown part at my conscience, but sure know by all these charged entities, in the sense that they all control each step of my navigations online. By this reason, because a consumer of an antivirus product must expect support for the company that sell it, I also ask you if you can forward me the registers of the ips and identities if know, that had mingles in the connection at the same time that I was connected in you portal, and this is confirmed by the pop up box of the application Kaspersky that announce this.

9.  I send in annex to this demand some photos that illustrated some eventually crimes around Kaspersky true or false application that I have installed on my pc, to allow you to answer back. I will return to this question after presenting and explaining these photos.

10. But first some considerations around one of the major questions that I had forward to you in the first request of assistance, the one that you reply with the letter B.

10.1 In my first request I stated three simple axioms, that I suspect are a common criminal reality in the life of millions todays, crimes that disrespect the human rights and the rights, individual, and civil liberties, that create chaos everywhere and at many levels and even have the ability to raise phantom of national debts with flesh consequences for many during large decades, because the question is this one, this redundant wireless system are only installed in some victims, or are spread by many computers, in many different labels and models? I’m asking this for years and I only obtain silence or worst, like it’s impossible, if you have retired the board.  Just some maybe a year a man on this field says to me, that whore some rumours that a certain models of a certain manufacture indeed had this redundant wireless system.

The axioms on my first request I suppose are very simple and I remember here again

“I do not have a constant wire connection to internet
And I had remove the wireless board on my Samsung series E 300
Then some or many have a redundant wireless system that allows them to enter my applications and still and adulterated my documents and settings”
And I also add this sentence, HOW CAN I PUT AN END TO THIS whit the antivirus and register editor “

I have already sent to you a report of system information generated through your application.
Because I suppose that by the register editor is possible to find if indeed there is a redundant wireless system, by the keys that control these applications. More precisely there are in the normal register of windows, some keys concerning defaults on equipment’s of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, that can control hardware, transmitters or receivers or both functions, and as I say and also show to you in one of the forward annexed photos, the main board and the empty place where according to Samsung is the hardware that allows this both process of transmission, other hardware and software must then exist embed somewhere, in a chip or even in the mother board.

I do not know what is the piece of hardware that allows this systems of transmission, then I assume that someone that “know deeply” the register of Microsoft, can identify what keys are possible to be connected with a disguise system like these ones or others and close these doors or keys, this seems the way to solve the question, also because Samsung technical representatives where around Lisbon, had answer in my presence that was impossible.

As I suppose you know better than me, a register have large hundreds of keys, and a software that correlate the genuine keys of the Microsoft software and the others installed on a computer, can understand what keys seems suspicions and then by research and exclusion close these commands that allows this criminal hardware to work.

I suppose that when your application asks a technical report on a client machine, as was already the case, one or even two whore forward to Kaspersky in this antivirus installation, can also allow to detect what can be malicious or suspicious software and a malicious or suspicious register key, and find a solution to that.

Then part of you first replay is a little strange to me, just not to use the term suspicious, when you write, “If you have observed any strange behavior in your system, please provide a detailed description along with a screenshot if the issue is visually represented”, because first of all, a crime of this nature is at least a strange behaviour on a machine that someone own.

Can I read in the intertext at this precise sentence, that perhaps you had a doubt concerning my mental health?

Or even think, that someone that I presume is English and have a domain on English writing, do an error when graphing the word, behaviour, or perhaps the Kaspersky technicians, have also problems with malicious code that affect keypads and even reinforce dyslexia problems, because as psychologist experts know, this is a way that can reveal the un conscience field and obtain some surplus if true, about the truth concerning the subjects that arise at the same time of these contacts?

And by the way, also some others details on your replay reinforce this perception, like for instance, the use of certain numbers, of course justify concerning the number of the article about how to grab a frame. Do you get the idea by my first demand of support that I’m a so basic user?

Or this is part of the induction of the navigation on day 25 09 2016, that leads me if the case to another question, are you implied, have been used by third part or even obliged because as me have they had robber your son?

10.2 photo 1 of the main board of my Samsung that shows the inexistence of the communications board that according to what Samsung claim, says to allow and control wireless communications, namely if I remember well, Wi fi and Bluetooth.

10.3 photo 2. One of the possibilities concerning some chips on Samsung mother board that allows a redundant system of wireless communications. This possibility was again target of a comment remembering from where this possible interpretation had come, DN newspaper magazine and a metaphor around auxiliary electrical motors. The reference that is visible on the grey chips , R2 , is also integrant part of actual “constructions”, namely arisen in the informatics shopping day at CC Colombo and fallow developments,  that pretend to mingle others subjects like tsunami japan 2011 and the fall of NY towers 911, but is not here the time to explain this in further details.

10.4 Concerning Samsung crimes or crimes thought Samsung that arise during these more than fifty times of trying to re install all the software system on my pc, I also detected a strange pass, within an automatic installation software that was download from the official page with PT domain. A SW update something, because when see the proprieties, the path only specifies that was installed on the root, without even mentioned all the complete path to arrive to it localization on the folders. Which means, this criminal software seems be a software that is download from the official site, that install a hidden and not declared kind of back door, that allows all the further crimes and control of all the installations essay’s, and this is a recurrent criminal strategies not only with this software but many others.

10.4.1 Also for the first time at Samsung official site on assistance, software updating, it appears a new software that they call, pre installation something, that I doubt if is genuine, or if it is a new kind of Trojan horse, and I’m not speaking strictly in virus terms.

10.4.2 Also disappeared from the site the windows 7 service pack 1, and I suppose this was done expressly to block all my attempts of re installing the system, and I demand criminal responsibility on this acts, that arisen, must we not forget, also in the context on the recent developments about japan, from the beginning of august month and the resignation of the Imperator. Is not the time here also to explain this in detail, just stressing that of course there are also more heavy reason to the appearance of this entire blockage, but nerveless this do not dismiss the responsibility neither the compensation.

10.5 This software is in the Samsung site, and therefore they must be accountable in criminal and compensatory responsibility.

This touch one of the major questions concerning software providers that is on the table of all for already perhaps a decade without any proper and definitive answers from the law and at judicial level as I’m explaining to all from large amount of time.

The question still the same, contrary to the law, they as many others manufactures do not provide the costumer at the buy moment, a copy of all the installed system and by other way, the software that must provide the restore functions, never work properly, which means, do not give, the need and the necessary security levels of safeguard of the information that an user have on a pc and even the safe guard of all the system software. I will not repeat ad eternum these arguments, I demand the regulations, the responsibilities and compensations without prejudice of further actions in case of acts of blood resultant from the robber and adulteration of information’s.

The case is that they had refuse always to deliver a copy on a disk of all the software pre-installed and of course this allows a lot of further crimes done by many.

11. then returning to more earthly questions and problems, the day that I had succeed after a lot of essays, to install for the first time this disk with your application, it appears in the account management of windows, another account that I did not create. An updates account. Was this account created by the antivirus, a kind of disguise or shine help from peoples that illegal enter the computers of others. A forward you a frame of this subject.

Photo 3.

Or this is was already a part of the preparatory steps of the induction attending to a very large and complex world wide sub line around sexuality.

12. At the same time I also find this account on Microsoft accounts that I did not create. Then how its possible other that someone that was above my installation reel time in my home where I do not have a cable connection, by other words, this seems again reinforce the conclusion of the existence or a redundant wireless system, that means in plain English, a criminal mechanism, that d not correspond to the hardware declare as existent on the machine, similar in functions to other that we consumers know that this computers bring by default , and even he had or have the right and liberty to take them off. As you can see during this afternoon, they change this frame, now appear a reference to a normal Microsoft default account, but have an equivalent one before with the same name as in parental field of Kaspersky application, updates. I suppose that Kaspersky have a way to confirm this because these operations are register in the machine historic, at least in theory is the way that works.

Photo 4

13. Todays I find these two files on my system, and if true, this seems say that all the installed application, not only by the disk by in Worten but also on line, are false, is this true or not.

Photo 5 and 6.

15. There of course another question that seems important to you also, to check if the cd that I had buy in Media Market is not fake, among others possibilities of more dark acts.

16. Also I remark that in my Kaspersky application, in the menu of applications management they have already succeed to disconnect the sub menu view, which means that they have some hidden applications and doors that they are not interested that I discover.

Photo 7

17. then as I suppose you have already understood, this is the kind of criminal conditions that I’m suggested in these last 10 years and each time worst, and of course as in your field of work, that are detected patterns, namely, when the terrorist made a large tragedy, they also shut down my system to impeach me, and I suppose that you also will agree with me, that this first demands and replay do not assure an auspicious good solution for both parts, because this is time consuming also. The actual problem to me is that I’m trying to rebuild from zero my system for already almost a month, I have perhaps installed from root, all the software fifty times and each time that I install, a have a lot of organized criminals, that control all my steps and start bang my installations, every time with new and different tricks, then as I know you can send me code, and perhaps can you send me all the code, from root, that I need as you know by the system info that you have already  and by this way assure both parts that the installation will be in perfect conditions that also translate, less demand of request from my part.

The only applications that I work also, and are not installed in this moment due these constant attacks, Is as you perhaps know by previous registers in your applications on my computer, the Sony play memories, a Logitech web camera and the windows movie maker as a redundant video edition system, because these terrorists are always disarrange my codecs even though the register.

However I insist, without first closing the doors that allows these criminals to enter the system, is impossible to solve the question, then this is the first objective in my point of view. And at this point I have also a question and a doubt. As I say in the first demand, I saw in your site, different menus from the ones that appear on my application, namely the existence of a sub menu to close around 30 doors of internet connections that Kaspersky detect. 

Other possibility if or representative is not a terrorist, is, if you send him an order to help me in presence at your office in Lisbon, I hope inside, and well seat on a comfortable chair, because I have column problems due by aggression within this crime of robber of my son, that no one here in Portugal, answer by the law.

I would appreciate to have a personalized answer.

Best regards
Paulo forte

PS. Of course there are other inductions of lecture in the best of possibilities thought your pages site, as I account on one of the videos that I include on my first request and some of them at least with strange content and even possible intentions, around a very beautiful reddish lady, or even three, and this a line that came as an echo from America recent days through news, namely Assange sub line. I’m just calling yours attentions this this because seems that you did not have the time to see the videos.

If you accept an advice perhaps will be wise to forward this letter also to Mr Kaspersky.

PS. The annex must contain 7 photos

Remembering my accusation against Mr Junker, president of EC

Remembering my accusation against Mr Junker, president of EC

Fallowing my last text, must then I share with all, the next logical deduction concerning the sequence of images statements act by him with Durão Barroso.

Before Mr Junker clapping hands to Mr Durão Barroso, he also appeared on a Portuguese cover of a newspaper saying that in his opinion Mr Durão was a Lobbyist man.

Lobbyist is a very strange and sometimes undefined term, because in essence speaks about reunion, or gathering mans, namely by good causes that we citizens hope to promote good actions within the law.

The first question that arise, his them, what translate to us all, this two-step sequence of Mr Junker concerning Mr Durão?

An undefined term, that normally goes both sides, because if I remember well, exists some acts that can be considered lobbyism that are according the laws also crimes.

Them a joint photo, where Durão seems crying after a public speech and Mr Junker by side clapping hands, not forgetting that the first step of Mr Junker actual sequence, was a very strange statement just after one more earth shake.

Is this applause of Junker concerning a public confession of Durão, and if so, relative to what subject, his first statement, or even the eventual responsibility of 
Durão on this earth shake in Italy?

Not knowing also because was not clear and define on the news, it seems that the sum is an act from Mr Junker to pass a sponge on the back of Mr Durão.

He raise a question with a term that is undefined, that allow Durão, eventually to contradict by telling a lie, and then he clap hands to him, like suggesting to us, that after all, Durão is innocent.

But if the question raised by Mr Junker in his first appearance was if Durão was guilty of some bad behaviour, undefined, that eventually can be consider crime, what is in reality the crime that he charge him first?

Must I remember all and Mr Junker, that as prove, before his statement concerning Durão, at the systematic absence of answers in the last more than 10 years concerning many crimes, including the robber of my son, if alive, I had remember in my actual manuscript published at, one of my accusations delivered to European Criminal Court some years ago, against Durão, where I charge him, not in an undefined way of lobbyism, but as responsible of a crime against the Portuguese republic and the state of law, of state infiltration and corruption, by having nominate a few thousand peoples in the three only months that we was PM of Portugal before assuming the function of EC Presidency, and I still do not have any answers from the courts neither at European level, nor the Portuguese’s ones, that are also aware of his crime and by the absence of answer also can be by the law considered accomplices.