sábado, outubro 01, 2016

some frames from the video, today I had published the third version due the constant crimes of adulteration and impeachment

third version of the video 1132 30 09 2016

Kaspersky saga

1. First frame grab today,charging the Kaspersky application.

As you all can see by the logo of the application when it charges at my pc, seems by the lack of resolution, that this antirust application can be false. May I must you all remember that the buy of this second antivirus, occurs in the middle of a complex lecture concerning acts of international terrorism, like the sub line Tous, NASA shuttle fall, Gwen image.
I demand answers by the law and the full respect of my right’s.

2. My today first request to Kaspersky filled at their site or fake site

My second request sent to their site or a fake site,  did not had any answers until now witch seems abnormal and reinforce the suspicious of a fake communications, just to fish water on some criminal matter, as I explained in the request itself, and this possibility oblige the authorities to answers also by the law.
Also this second request, has been meanwhile adulterated, even the copy or apparently copy that is in their server and the terrorists had also change my archive. This is proven by the missing of the numeration in the points of my request, then is  fair to raise that they are protecting international terrorist’s interests, understanding here they, as the one that have done this crimes.

As I also proof today, the terrorist still have reel time access to my pc, applications, settings and work.
3. Today my sent second request

I have sent to Kaspersky, a new request, with some information, namely the one collected with one of the applications, the AVZ, that in theory allows them to understand how this terrorist have access to my pc without a cable connection or even the inside board or wireless communications.
This still the major question
Some more grabbed frames on their application installed on my PC with some comments on the fallow of these facts at my blog  inside crimes

Crime complaint against YouTube, Google and third unknown part

1. At Least two videos master upload during September are missing
The 1073 M and the 1074.

2. impeachment and adulteration of my first video 1132 on you tube.

The first version of the actual video, I publish the 3th version today, the 1132M in this post from the Wednesday, September 28, 2016, seems be not available, and this proof the adulterations that they have done because this same day I need to upload a second time, and a crime arise as I prove trough the YouTube applications

Crime complaint against Vodafone or third unknown part

Crime complaint against Vodafone or third unknown part

I just remark now that all the links to all my child blogs had gone from the main one, this one, Ourosobreazul.blogspot.pt. 

Put them again right now!

I’m at a Vodafone connection!

3 upload of the video 1132 M 30 09 2016 because the anterior was cut and adulterated by

the terrrorists and also this version add, some new material, and again the image of three X on the sky at more or less on the movie end. As you can see, they also disaranged again the codecs, and i did a lot af image treatment trying to recover a little the quality. These fuckers still have reel time acess to my pc and all the applications, and change everything they wont and as sadistics they are, they disaranged at the end of 40 hours labour.

I demand these peoples present to A court!  

they also stole rigth now online from my folder on my connected pc at the Av. Prior do Crato shop, the end claquete, that they had already suceed to take off from the video during my last encoding, where I gave the account on this crime of adulteration of this video version.

one of the sequences that they had adulterated, was concerning the awnser to the Ted Cruz senator and the police woman, the glove and this says about the importance on these facts or storyline

I publish here 3 frames of the new X, three, that appear again on the sky as accounted on the video now uplload