segunda-feira, outubro 03, 2016

again I republish the third version of the 1132 M 30 09 2016 because the terrorist are doing a lot of impeachment concerning this video

the terrrorists and also this version add, some new material, and again the image of three X on the sky at more or less on the movie end. As you can see, they also disaranged again the codecs, and i did a lot af image treatment trying to recover a little the quality. These fuckers still have reel time acess to my pc and all the applications, and change everything they wont and as sadistics they are, they disaranged at the end of 40 hours labour.

I demand these peoples present to A court!  

they also stole rigth now online from my folder on my connected pc at the Av. Prior do Crato shop, the end claquete, that they had already suceed to take off from the video during my last encoding, where I gave the account on this crime of adulteration of this video version.

one of the sequences that they had adulterated, was concerning the awnser to the Ted Cruz senator and the police woman, the glove and this says about the importance on these facts or storyline

I publish here 3 frames of the new X, three, that appear again on the sky as accounted on the video now uplload

crimes online

October, 2, 2016

I have been checking my September published texts and again in the most important ones, the same adulteration subtle technique, and this is for instance detected on the text that I published day 8, about the crimes of Durão Barroso and RTP, at the time of the FMI presence in Lisbon, matters that as all know had return in their multiple facets, values and connections with different tragedies.

I’m speaking about the text published at the same time of the video with the transcription of the mini DV tape, that I had call among referring other themes, the Thor Hammer, in the initial context of the sea disgrace in California, USA.

As you all can understand, this text as others, have a very precise description on the RTP, Portuguese public television news, and by it technical aspects, must be accurate, and the adulteration pattern his always the same, subtle changes in words, that make the possibility of compression of the readers weak, and retire the credibility to the demonstration of my arguments.

I won’t these peoples in front of a Court and there no reason, other that the cover done at multi levels, telecoms, and political and judiciary powers, to do not know exactly you is doing all these subtle adulterations on important texts concerning large killings. 

Once again appeared during the writing of this text, Rene net, a name that first time that appears is in one of the first correspondences exchange with the European criminal court, when I have try to present my compliant concerning the robber of my son and many others crimes, as described at time in full detail.

Kaspersky saga

the crimes of imepachment still go on

just sent now to blogger through the feedback application

The links to all my child bloggers, from the main one, disappeared, and i did not any change on them

How this is possible?
Can you fix it?

Who as responsible for this crime?
Some of my settings namely on videos on page have also been adulterated, same time appear a message saying the video is private, what do not correspond to my chosen settings, Can you fix this?
Today appears a new message concerning this crime of impeachment, that video are not allow because they are in restricted mode. I never saw this message. Can you fix it?

The four next frames under are the proof of impeachment with a new version restricted mode, never heard about it!
Also same videos that whore published do not appear on my pages!