quarta-feira, novembro 16, 2016

1142 M 16 11 2016

Synopses 1142 M 16 11 2016
Time duration 1:33:09:22

An image concerning what seems to me the son of Trumps in the victory speech, a strange expressed behavior; one image of Obama in a French magazine;  some of old images , TV interviews with Trumps; the listening that the poison was on the soup; the stairs representations; jet fighters thumbnails on you tube and a sound here on the rear window, the old image of an helicopter in a foggy night,  the speech of Obama after the elections on white house, a speech of Trumps with Hillary presence on a meeting during the elections, her apparently or not criminal behavior; the Watergate time and others details; her speech after the defeat; the ambassadors reception at Kremlin, Putin, the image of the electronic circuits like the England Queen stamps on the horses letter from the nineties meanwhile still from my house; The  usual Nazi crimes at my home, this time on the DVD player, some more discovered arts and tricks;   continuation de la conversation avec Monica Bellucci; a recent news after elections by Hillary at CM, Portuguese criminal newspaper, concerning hat tricks on elections done by American authorities, remembering some facts concerning old elections on these matters; some more details on Hillary Trumps, Kaspersky saga during the elections, the bed and the vault, or the bed secret as it seems constructed by third parts, the missing and still of 3000 emails or whatever it was as metaphor, or even criminal metaphors; the saw and the rose covers of phones;  the continuous crimes of torture, the noises of metallic sounds and opening and closing draws, and the purposes concerning the writing in my manuscript,  and attempts of murder; Trumps pennies image on you tube thumbnails and the connections with the albums 91 92 about London; Sur l’église de Rome, quelques faits criminels dans ce crime de vol de mon enfant, comme je prouvé dans les enrigistrements des conversations avec le Vatican, au temps publiée dans le livre de ma vie ; l’étrange sens dune nouvelle de une prête de ce église dans DN quelques année, du Banque do Vatican, une offerte de compensation économique de 4 millions ; une image du film, Contracte des Loups, ; Vogue, continuation du récit, cette fois si avec Mila M. la sèment noire a la tête du lit  ou longle de limage de Bellucci, une séquence qui semble croise, sur ces deux images, expressément pour ce Vogue récit. Le sens de la pierre cubique, les tsunamis, sur limage de Bellucci a Visão, pt. Magazine ; les procès criminels des miroirs basés sur des crimes dentrance illégal à ma maison ; le jardin des Hespérides, les vidéos sur apparentement les rituelles sataniques du groupe de Hillary au YouTube. In Portuguese, inquiry on some very strange news on the science program at antenna 2, the fishs and another small program, pockets words; remembering some old comments on these matters of fish production; the productions of synthetic meat, a theme already some large years ago, the first hamburger,
Apicultura é um estranho lapso pelos sentidos que têm no ponto analítico onde estou, nomeadamente nas questões de japão e América. Este especto e significados serão analisados por escrito. Ref. image star wars.
The last two takes, are in sequential number order, but the time reference is different, which means again crimes on programmations, I wont these fuckers criminal son jail!